Classroom Turned Into A Gaming Zone For Underpriveleged Kids


E-xpress Interactive Software Pvt Ltd & Games The Shop in association with Angel Xpress Foundation concluded with a fun-filled gaming session for the underprivileged kids last weekend held on 2nd July 2016. The event was conducted at Muktanand Park, Santacruz, Mumbai, where Angel Xpress Foundation runs its regular coaching’s to the underprivileged kids.

Lego Star Wars NGO Gaming Activity (5)The whole session was held the middle of a park. Greenery and videogames? The kids wouldn’t have expected the day to be so much fun.

The early monsoon morning brought an unexpected surprise to the kids who were not aware to what was planned for them. The kids walked in the classroom and were overwhelmed to see the PlayStation 4 consoles along with the newest Lego game based on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, that was showcased for them to have a hands on experience. The event started with an introductory session on explaining all about video games. Many said that they only knew about casual mobile games and that it was a completely different experience for them to play games for the first time on a PS4.

The kids also enjoyed the drawing competition where they were asked to draw the Lego Star Wars game logo that was right in front of their screens. Few kids came up with some colorful logos out of which the 10 best paintings were selected, and the winners were rewarded with some cool Lego merchandise. Soon after, the kids took the controllers in their hands to play Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Everyone enthusiastically took part to learn the game mechanics and the tactics to play it even further. The joy of experiencing something new for them was clearly seen when they all came in front repeatedly to try out the game.

Gaming has no gender. Both, little girls and boys, played the videogame.
Gaming has no gender. Both, little girls and boys, played the videogame.

Ms Anubha Sharma, CEO & Co-founder of Angel Xpress Foundation, who also graced the event by her presence said, “It was such a wonderful moment to see our kids enjoying so much that they even requested for such gaming sessions to be conducted every weekends from now onwards. We thank the entire team for giving this opportunity to our kids. The event truly turned out to be an absolute fun for our kids. We also wish to collaborate with e-xpress Interactive & Games The Shop in future for more such gaming sessions for our kids”

Mr Amit Khemani, co-founder of e-xpress Interactive Software Pvt Ltd and Games The Shop also quoted, “It was indeed a great pleasure to see the kids indulged into the Lego Star Wars adventure. We are glad we could make their day exciting and uncommon. Seeing an ordinary classroom turning into a gaming zone was an utter glee for us.”
The day ended with distribution of some lovely take way goodies and refreshments. The kids also happily posed for the shutterbugs and united they all screamed – “We loved playing Lego!

We as Asidcast feel that this is a right step towards teaching the next generation, underprivileged or not, a lot about video gaming in general. Letting these kids get the experience of playing on a console, and lighting up bright smiles and fond memories is a really warm gesture. We genuinely appreciate the efforts taken by e-xpress Interactive and Angel Xpress Foundation to hold such an event.

Look at all these enthusiastic smiles!
Look at all these enthusiastic smiles!

It also reminds us of all the games and consoles we take for granted, “PC Master Race!, Console Peasants, Ultra Settings, PS better than Xbox!” in the end, nothing matters except the game. Just learn to enjoy your games the way these little guys did. Happy Gaming.

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