CGMeetup Unveils Deadpool’s Visual Effects Reel


Fox’s latest box office stunner in the form of Marvel’s Deadpool, having sweeping away fans alike with its strangely uber-cool superhero depiction unanimously has one tag attached to it. A complete ‘success’. And accompanying it in its journey in achieving it surely has been its stunning visuals.


We finally have behind-the-scenes sequences posted at CGMeetup breaking down the visual effects. Straight from VFX Studios Atomic Fiction, Blur Studio, Digital Domain, Weta Digital, Luma Pictures, Rodeo FX & Image Engine to whom goes the credit for covering this aspect of the movie, we now have insights into the bringing of the Colossus and the Merc to life.

Deadpool, as of 20th February, has already raked in a humongous $334 million which is amazing in comparison to its production budget of $58 million. It also currently holds the world record for the biggest R rated openings and in February and Winter.


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