Blizzard Sues the Maker of Popular Overwatch cheat tool “Watchover Tyrant”


Blizzard Entertainment is taking the hard stance against cheaters in Overwatch, with the latest development enforcing the said idea. The 25 year-old publisher is suing Bossland GmbH, the makers of popular Overwatch cheat tool “Watchover Tyrant” over copyright infringement at a at a federal court in California.
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Bossland GmbH, notorious for selling paid cheats for other games also is, in their words ‘a leading company for automatization software, so called bots for MMORPG’s. It should be interesting for our readers to note that this company has locked horns with Blizzard last November too, wherein Blizzard has to withdraw their application for an injunction at the court of appeal over an attempt to ban sale of “Gold” for Diablo III. 

Their latest creation that has stirred up the hornet’s nest, the Watchover Tyrant is a software that, like all cheats, provides the user an unfair advantage above the level playing field in the game. This particular hack allows the player to see hostiles through walls and provide a radar that sees all among the many other uses of it.


Blizzard’s current case rests upon the idea that Bossland has been infringing various copyrights in making cheats for the game, and accuses them of contributory copyright infringement. The complain reads as follows:

“They have done so by enabling and encouraging third-party ‘freelancers’ or contractors to fraudulently obtain access to the Blizzard Games and then, having done so, to engage in unauthorized reproduction of the Blizzard Games. They also have done so by enabling users of the Bossland Hacks (particularly the Overwatch Cheat) to use the software to create derivative works, such as the dynamic screen overlay generated by the Overwatch Cheat.”

We shall bring you updates on what happens of this situation. For more on Blizzard’s uber-popular Hero Shooter, stay tuned to Asidcast.