ASUS ROG’s Mumbai Event: Liquid Cooled Laptops and Titan X in SLi


This article contains a lot of of things that you can only dream of. Or Buy, if you have a lot of money.

Three Monitors at 1440p 144Hz. You do the math.

So I was sitting leisurely eating lunch when I was told to check my mail, and I see something really neat. An invite by ROG, I thought it would be a boring event where they will give a long presentation of their products, and how good could the products be? I was wrong. Very wrong.

I reached there at 3PM, but the first issue was that the unveiling didn’t start on time, they were around 30 mins late, which was fine since everyone else reached late, and I used up that time by interacting with other people in our field, so no worries.

The event started with the usual presentation, but I was more interested in seeing all the amazing hardware kept in front of me first hand. The presentation was informative and I got a T-shirt (Tip to ASUS: Keep Larger Sizes cause gamers are generally fat), and I then went in to test the hardware and click some pics for you guys to enjoy!
This is the world’s first ever liquid cooled laptop.The GX700. Yes, I see the cooler looks like a heavy sub-woofer or a car engine and isn’t something you’d carry around with you, but the performance is phenomenal. Mind blowing, even.

The cooling system from the side
The cooling system from the side

What use could you have of it? Well, I’d say you could use it as a “normal” gaming laptop when you’re outside, and then come home, plug it to your liquid cooling system and voila, you just got a beast PC that would take down most desktops easily. That’s definitely a good deal for those who don’t wanna buy 2 separate systems. The laptop has a GTX 980, yes you read it right, there’s no M beside it, coupled with a blazing fast i7-6820K processor that can go to 4Ghz.

This is the proprietary liquid cooling port.
This is the proprietary liquid cooling port.

The laptop was connected to an Xbox One controller and a Oculus VR, and while I was a firm believer of laptops are terrible at gaming, let alone VR, this machine changed everything I believed in. As I played VR tech demos as well as the highly successful Lucky’s Tale on it without any issues, I realized money is the solution to all our problems. But this is an enthusiast gamers’ product and a great one at that. Kudos to the engineers at ASUS for the GX700.

This is a small PC, barely any bigger than a console, and it houses the best card ever made.
This is a small PC, barely any bigger than a console, and it houses the best card ever made.

Then I played on the triple monitor setup that you saw in the beginning of the article, and this little thing called the G20 was powering it. It looks like a tower but is 3x thinner than the average beast PC. Dimensions 104 x 340 x 358 (mm) show off a puny image, but it houses a GTX1080 and a 6th Gen i7, and wields them with pride as it runs Just Cause 3 on a triple monitor 1440p setup at High graphics with no visible lag.

I look so focused right now.
I look so focused right now. I need to get a haircut though.

It is much cheaper than the liquid cooled laptop and more worth it for people with space restrictions…and did I say it looks amazing. It is as silent as a whisper and stays cool throughout the game time with a much affordable price range. (For the specs)

DSC_0314And finally there was this mean beast PC called the ROG GT51 and it houses not one but 2 Titan X cards in SLi. Sadly though the only game available to play on it was CS:GO. I’m like WUT, but still, being able to play on a setup like this is the dream.

More pics of the beast
More pics of the giant.
It is a tower, no doubt.
It is a tower, no doubt.

DSC_0312 Lags are just erased from my conscious and subconscious mind as I write down its Liquid cooled, RGB LED lit specs. The front is actually a turbine intake, and it has a see through window. And the i7 6700K clocked at 4.6Ghz with 64GB DDR4 memory will never fail you. Never. Plus I bet it can run Crysis. ASUS,the next event you do, please get some cool games on THIS PC.

Side Note:IMG_20160803_162535

I got face to face with the ASUS Rampage V Edition 10 Motherboard.

Stay tuned to Asidcast for more news on insane hardware.