ASUS ROG Announces the ROG Masters 2016 With An Indian Qualifier Starting September 10th


ROG Masters 2016 can be perfectly summed up as a plan in getting the DreamHack culture in the West which also is powered by ASUS in the East now. What had started out as a simple LAN tourney is now the biggest LAN meetup in the world. It unofficially expands into South-east Asia, China, Oceania, East Asia and Rest of Asia, each region posing for a slot for their ticket to the grand finals in Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur City Center on the 12th and 13th of November.

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Unlike the wide array of games seen at Sweden, the ROG Masters shall include popular titles like DotA 2 and Counter-Strike:  Global Offensive. More onto the Indian qualifiers currently managed by Drag2Death and MaG Gaming, bearing in mind that both the games shall share the same format which is as follows:

  • 2 online qualifiers shall take place starting 10th September.
  • 2 teams from each of these move ahead to the LAN finals at Blitz Gaming zone Bengaluru on 1st and 2nd October.
  • Teams that come on top in each shall then participate at the Rest of Asia qualifiers eyeing for a spot at the finals in Malaysia.


It is indeed amazing to know that ASUS is making such a sizable investment into eSports in this region where the consensus is that China and Korea are simply going to shut down every other region that decides to compete on an equal ground. However, that in itself is a problem in the making because that claim isn’t unfounded. That actually makes this tourney one to watch out for worldwide, can any other country dethrone these powerhouses as the best in Asia? Does Entity Esports, the new roster formed by the merging of BI and IW which shall make its debut here have what it takes to call themselves the best in Asia now that they have the platform? Only time will tell.

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