Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India And Russia Are Finally Coming


Remember Assassins Creed Chronicles? That Assassins Creed spinoff which was dubbed 2.5D by quite a few people across the internet? You might remember that the ‘Chronicles’ was supposed to be about 3 games spanning across landmark locations such as China, India and Russia, and was announced way back in 31st March, 2014. Unfortunately, we only got China till date with no news of when the India and Russia versions are making their way… till now that is.

According to Ubisoft themselves, “Each chronicle stands on its own with a unique setting, art style, story and Assassin, but they are all tied together narratively.” So it’ll be interesting to see how the overall story for the 3 games are considering the fact that I’m a wee bit of an Assassins Creed fan myself though the franchise has been in a decline if we’re to consider it’s storytelling or narrative in the last few games.

Ubisoft, in a blog post, announced that Assassins Creed Chronicles India and Russia are finally making their way on 12th January, 2016 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The trilogy will be available as a whole on the Playstation Vita at a later date onĀ 5th April, 2016.