Apex Legend Solos Are Finally a Thing Now


Apex Legends has been out for some time now, the game dropped out of nowhere and gathered a fan-base that rivaled Fortnite in less than a month. It was a game people were moving to from Fortnite, PUBG and a lot of other Battle Royale games because of the quick pace that Apex offered.

But the enormous amounts of hackers and glitches in it’s beginning days meant that it’s userbase had a hard time sticking around. A lack of various maps and game modes meant the same thing, since currently you can only play as a squad of 3 people in Apex Legends and no other game mode is available. However, things seem like they’re about to change.

In a limited time event titled “Iron Crown Collection Event” starting from 13th August till 19th August, Apex Legend Solos will officially be a thing.

It doesn’t look like this feature is here to stay but hopefully if it does well, maybe this can be made permanent; and then we can work towards even more pressing matters, like getting a Duos option as well – you hear me Respawn?