Anime Review: 91 Days


91 Days, from the creators of Durarara!! x2 and the director Hiro Kaburagi, comes a mafia based drama set in the vintage era.


The story revolves around Angelo, in a city called Lawless which is under control of Mafia after  prohibition was imposed. Angelo’s family is murdered by a gang one night  making him an orphan and setting him on the run. Seven years later, Angelo receives a letter from a mysterious sender who claims to be his father’s friend and offers him help to get revenge of his family.


The few episodes that have been released so far have created quite a buzz, so here’s what we think: The plot line of the anime is pretty basic, centered around revenge and mafia but the way story is delivered is quite commendable. It’s dark, gritty, filled with action and violence. Unlike many series with heavy violence, this anime manages to maintain the balance between blood and gore. The direction of series seemed pretty American and inspired from films like “The Godfather” and anime series Gangsta.


The animation style is rough and suits the era the anime is set in. It delivers a lot of emotions and story by the expressions and body language of characters without actually involving other story elements. The character development and the music of the series are what make it worth watching. The way music subtly compliments the characters and the direction style is one of the major feats this anime manages to accomplish. The best thing about the series is it catches you off guard and makes you realize how well done it is.

We look forward to seeing where 91 Days goes from here, but it seems like we have a great new series to watch.