AMD Tries Out Aggressive Marketing With ‘Radeon Rebellion’


Nvidia has launched their newer lineup and as amazingly powerful as they may be, the prices seem costlier than ever with the controversial extra pricing over their founders edition cards that have been caught with a serious problem of thermal throttling, the usually hot red team have brought in their lightweight cards first, and they do pack a punch. Nvidia takes pride in calling itself a premium brand for gaming enthusiasts around the world, but AMD is being smart by focusing on the other, larger demographic, the non 1%.

An uprising is brewing.
An uprising is brewing.

AMD strives to bring gaming to the masses and the best way it can is by calling itself the non elite brand by the help of a movie-esque trailer AMD says that we lower end gamers have accepted that we’re average, and AMD wants the average to be better, as they say “Good is not Good Enough”. It seems to want to start a ‘Radeon Rebellion’ of sorts, a fight to bring back the average prices of GPUs lower, while keeping performance high.
PC may be master race, but most PCs still can’t game at 1080p 60FPS on next gen games and that’s the truth.¬†And it’s especially true in our country as I see many gamers struggle to pay for a decent GPU and end up buying a console. (Many aren’t even able to buy a console) Since the PS4 and Xbox One both use AMD chips, they’ll win either way. So long story short, poor gamers, AMD seems to have your back, and now they have a trailer to prove it.

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