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Borderlands 3 Will Not Support Preloading on Epic Store

Preloading is one of those features that is missing in the Epic Store but is something that is supposed to come out in the future. A recent tweet by Tim Sweeney, while he was replying to a query by a gamer, however revealed that Preloading on Epic Store won't be a thing by the time Borderlands 3 comes out.

Top 5 Indie Games Of 2015

With 2016 coming in and 2015 having been such an awesome year for indie games, it seems apt to usher in the New Year...

You Can Now Play Celeste For Free

Celeste and Inside goes free on Epic Games Store from 29th August. Claim these two awesome platformers.

Fortnite India Servers Are Live!

Epic seems to have launched Fortnite servers in Mumbai - and is termed as the 'Middle East' server in the options menu. The ping is for most of the country according to our knowledge varies from about 30 ms to 50 ms or so. The low pings hopefully encourages more players to try out Fortnite and perhaps Indian Streamers will finally pick it up as it's one of the top streamed games in the world, which should spread awareness of Fortnite to the uninitiated.

We found RX 480 Gaming Benchmarks And They Aren’t What We Expected From A...

Hint: They are much better than we expected. Disclaimer: Asidcast hasn't received a review sample to benchmark this card. These benchmarks were leaked online and...