5 Reasons To Reconsider Buying Quantum Break on PC


Quantum Break, the upcoming third person shooter from Remedy Entertainment, makers of Alan Wake, is in the news a lot these days, and not without reason. This is a game surrounded by a lot of hype, not just because of the graphics, but also because Remedy’s track record in delivering a game that’s solid on the story side and gameplay fronts too. However, we think there’s 5 reasons you might not want to buy the game for the PC.  Here’s why

#1. Overkill in terms of Hardware Requirements

As seen from the leaked screens, the graphics come at a price, as evident from the hardware and the system requirements.

system requirements

Obviously, many gamers will not be able to play the game on ultra or even recommended settings, thus unable to enjoy the game to it’s full extent.

#2. Online Only Cutscenes?

google fiber

Quantum Break is a single player game but you’ll still need a stable internet connection in order to stream the cutscenes. So what happens if the connection drops? No cool cutscenes for you.


#3. Windows Store Exclusivity

windows store

The game is  available exclusively on Windows Store, which is terribly buggy. For starters, there’s the network connectivity issue. There’s no way for frame rate counters to work on Windows apps . To make things worse, you can’t switch off Vsync and you won’t have access to a .exe file.


#4. No Offline Saves


Backing up saves online is all well and good, but unlike on Steam, Origin or Uplay, there will be no copies of offline saves at all. Which means for starting the game you will need an Internet connection. Seriously, this is a single player game. This replicates the dread “always online” Xbox policy.  

#5. DirectX 12


This game uses DX12 – which is why we need Windows 10 to run the game – and we saw how well that worked out for Hitman 2016. DirectX 12 itself is still a work in stage. It’s still iffy on how well Remedy can implement the tech in Quantum Break. 

So that’s our two cents. Let us know if you still think Quantum Break is worth the buy on PC, or if we’ve convinced you otherwise.