5 Minute Spotlight Quickie: TVF


The Viral Fever, often abbreviated as TVF, is a ‘new age Media Brand, driven by the spirit of “Lights…Camera…Experiment!’, as put in their own words. Started back in 2010 by Arunabh Kumar, commonly known as the Qtiyapa Guy, himself being an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, faced rejection in MTV for his ideas and pitches to be bought from mind to execution. Little did they know that this very guy was destined to found the first YouTube based channel to reach a million subscribers for online content within the shortest time duration.

The Viral Fever

TVF began rising to prominence, first with their Inglorious Seniors and then with Rowdies, a spoof of popular reality show Roadies. Having now achieved worldwide fame and recognition, main credit going to his creation termed TVF Pitchers, an Indian web series drama and part of the ‘TVF Originals Drama’, inspired by the American TV series Silicon Valley which went on from becoming an overnight sensation to being the highest-ranked Indian entry on IMDb’s list of Top 250 TV Shows with the rank of 21 and a metascore of 9.6/10, TVF is all set to renew another of their popular TVF Originals Drama, namely ‘Permanent Roommates’.

Announcement of TVF’s Permanent Roommates Season 2.

Following the story of Tanya and Mukesh, a couple trying to work out a distant relationship all before Mukesh flies back to India to show up at the doorstep of Tanya on his knees with a ring in his hand (or rather their neighbours’ doorstep, but more on that here*hyperlink episode 1*), Permanent Roommates became an instant hit among the tired-from-those-soaps youth of the country. This is highly evident from the rare milestones achieved by TVF, wherein they attracted an overall of 8 million plus viewership for all the episodes and becoming one of the most viewed web based digital content.

Screenshot of TVFPlay, their own website.

Easily being one of the very first to bring the ‘YouTube Culture’ in India, with many others picking up what will remain etched forever in history is the fact that they were the only entry from India in the International YouTube Fan Fest, 2013. Here is wishing them a Happy New Year 2016, and good luck with their latest endeavour. But the question that remains is, WHERE IS MY PITCHERS SEASON 2?