29 Things You Need To Know About Cyberpunk 2077

(Picture Credit: CD Prokjekt RED)

Cyberpunk 2077, is the upcoming role-playing game by CD Projekt Red for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. New details about the game have been revealed from a new demo that has been shown to Polish Media (WP GRY, Miastogier, and Onet) by CDPR. 

Among the various alluring details revealed, some of them have gotten quite a consideration, such as the ability to combine skills and also ways to enhance these skills. Apart from this, religions will be a very prominent part of the game, which may or may not stand as a defamatory aspect. 

The RPG has conceived our expectations, initiated by the new details and we are steadily approaching to board the hype train. Here are the things you need to know about CDPR’s Cyberpunk 2077:

  1. We can start a conversation with an NPC without leaving our bike or car. It works like a classic dynamic conversation.
  2. Some merchants will offer unique items and discounts only for a specified period of time or at specific times.
  3. You can buy various clothes like long jackets, sneakers, t-shirts, …
  4. Example of programs that a netrunnet can buy: a program to disable cybernetic eyes or another to block a cybernetic member
  5. As you advance your hacking skills, the options will expand from a simple door opening to controlling cameras or turrets and more.
  6. Mini-games related to hacking will be different depending on the installation you hack.
  7. Bots can also hack at a distance
  8. Increases are performed only from a specialist but minor changes will be possible by ourselves such as improving our mantis blade by adding poison 
  9. You can increase your skills by finding a trainer or by installing certain implants
  10. The scarcity of objects corresponds to its availability rate in stores. The rarer an object is, the more street cred will it take for a seller to offer it to us
  11. Street Cred will also increase the quality of buyable components for crafting
  12. They have changed the way to show the damage compared to the 2018 demo and try several methods to indicate the damage taken by the opponent without flooding the screen with numbers (the numbers are still there but in smaller quantities) like adding special animations
  13. The inventory will be limited according to the weight that can be transported
  14. When V uses a glass bottle to shatter it on the skull of an opponent, this results in a bloody visual effect and the shard of the bottle is still usable for impaling it in the body of an opponent
  15. Example of interactive discussion between V and Placide in the demo: during the conversation, a henchman enters the room with a message. If V looks at this character, new dialog options appear to interact with him that, according to the devs, will have an impact on the conversation with Placid if used.
  16. When Placide forces V to connect to the network to be monitored during his mission, an interruption is possible if we have Street Kid because only a child of the street knows the way gangs work.
  17. More details about the boss fight with Sasquatch: The fight takes place in a small room with interactive objects. The boss can use these items to prevent us from reaching his back. It is possible to avoid the fight
  18. Each attribute and skill goes up to level 10. There are 60 perks too (5 per skill) and each perk has 5 levels of progression
  19. You can combine skills with doping products like the slow-motion effect during a hacking to have more time. This was used during a fight against an Animals in order to have time to hack him
  20. In the demo, V is level 18 with a street cred level 12. Brigitte is level 45 and was the highest level NPC met in the demo.
  21. If you take a driver out of his car to rob him and there is a gang or the police around, a violent response will be felt
  22. When you want to pause the main quest, there will be a lot of side quests available. On top of that, there will be many events happening across the city and how to interfere with it can lead to a quest. In addition to that, Night City brings together many activities. Unlike The Witcher 3, there will not be a classic quest table to tell us what to do when doing it. However, optical improvements will make it possible to simulate through the augmented reality the highlighting of certain points in the environment.
  23. Braindance is an important part of simulating someone’s memories.
  24. Everyone will not be increased in the same way. The richest will have increases that only they can have. Others will not want improvement by religious conviction. The idea is not to create a homogeneous but very different population
  25. Cyberpsychose is present in the game. Our character can not reach it but through quests or scripted events, we can see the damage to the improvements on the psyche.
  26. Religions are still very present in Night City. Our vision of Cyberpunk is not to describe an alternative world but a continuity of our world. Some things will look like our current reality. For example, Christianity is present in the game and will even have a faction.
  27. “The journalist says that the presence of religion is likely to create a scandal”, which CDP respond with: “We will not avoid any subject, even if they may offend the sensitivity of some. We are not here to say whether it is good or bad.”
  28. With Cyberpunk, CDP has also exacerbated community membership as a way for people to protect themselves from danger and poverty.
  29. The type of your character will be at your convenience. You will not necessarily choose strictly a man or a woman. One can have a male body with feminine attributes, a feminine voice, and feminine hair. The type of voice will impact how NPCs will perceive us.

CD Projekt RED will release a new gameplay demo for Cyberpunk 2077 during PAX West 2019.