20 Fallout 4 Tips That You Need To Know


Fallout 4 is a really big game. You would know if you’re playing it since it feels like you entered a whole new exotic and buggy world when you start it up, and once you’re in, you don’t know what to do or where to begin your adventures.

You would also know that Bethesda made the game in such a way that it doesn’t exactly hold your hand in order to explain the several things you can do in the game; which is why we’re here to help out with a few neat little Fallout 4 tips that should ease your life a little in the wastelands of Boston.

#1 The lone wanderer perk works even if you have Dogmeat as your companion.

#2 Your companions are more than useful than you think. Cait can pick a lock and Nick Valentine can hack terminals

#3 You can make certain companions wear power armour. We’ll let you figure out who they are on your own.

#4 Literally pick up everything you find lying on the ground and transfer the junk into your workbench whenever you visit one of your settlements.

#5 The first two turrets that you can choose from the turret section for you settlement do not need power supply contrary to my prior belief. And you can never be too safe.


#6 Have supply lines between your active settlements so that they share crafting resources that they’ve stocked between themselves. For example, if you’ve put a lot of junk in Sanctuary and you want to access said junk in Red Rocket, maintain a supply line between the two settlements.

#7 Collect all the duct tapes and anything you suspect might contain Adhesive. Adhesive is a really important crafting component in the game.

#8 You can grow your own adhesive by cooking Vegetable Starch with Corn, Tato, Muttfruit, and Purified Water. The recipe calls for 3 each of mutfruit, corn, tato and 1 purified water.

#9 If you build a water purifier in your settlement, you will occasionally get purified water deposited at the workshop.

#10 When you upgrade a weapon, the current mod will be placed in your inventory. If you transfer all mods to your workbench, if you put that upgrade on another weapon, it will use the mod before crafting a new one.

#11 Water pumps, farms, and traders deposit the Items and Caps they produce into the workbench.

#12 Settlers can work up to 6 Food at a time. Meaning a settler can tend to 12 plants that produce .5 food each.

#13 Make sure your defense is higher than Food+Water in order to avoid attacks on your settlement.

#14 Fast Travel in between settlements will instantly grow all crops that have a settler assigned to them.

#15 Your companions can be assigned to do certain tasks in your settlements. So instead of having them loaf around doing nothing while they aren’t adventuring in the Wasteland with you, might as well make them work with their sweat and blood in your slave camps… erm… I mean Settlements.


#16 There’s no level cap. So don’t fret too much about spending ability points.

#17 When hacking look for [],(), <>,and {} with anything in between the brackets, clicking the leftmost bracket will reset your attempts to give you more tries, or remove dud words from the list.

#18 Everything you do in your power armour, drains your Fusion core. Even walking drains your Fusion core, albeit a lot slower than it would if you were running or jumping about.

#19 Someone created a website which you can use to track all the collectibles and everything else in the game. You can check it out by going here.

#20 You can store settlement objects that you build in your workshop by looking at them (in workshop mode) and pressing ‘Tab’ on PC.

That seems to be all the Fallout 4 tips we can think of to make your life in the wasteland a little easier. If you’ve good tips to share with us that we didn’t mention in this article, feel free to comment below. If they’re really good tips, we’ll even put them up in the article!