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We all have our own sweet stories. Whether it be with your friends at the beach, or with your dog going on a stroll, they all keep a special place in our hearts. Then we also have few touching stories, again whether they be with your teachers or parents. And then every now and then, we come across a life-changing story. A story so moving that it has the potential to change the direction of your life.

Today is that day where we come across one such story.

Today we look inside the life of a true gamer in every aspect, who has fought the odds with gaming as his weapon, and as his armour. ‘imhoping’ is a reddit user whose narration of his life has touched souls a many. Giving beautiful insights in his/her own life, imhoping opens about life, how he treated it kindly and how life treated him for being gay. And how he fought back, with DotA.

Few excerpts from this narration would be:

“Whenever I was home, after I was done with bawling my eyes out, cutting myself, skipping meals and every other self-harm courses of action a 15 year old could manage, I would turn to Dota, as a last resort. I’ve known it since the Defense of the Ancients day, and it never left me.”

“Dota was the drug and I was the addict, as focusing on landing a perfect Mass Serpent Ward would take me away from the still-open scars in my anus that would open up tomorrow, and the day after that, because my “pussy” needed to be “satisfied” by those 3 people.”

“Glen was my friend. Albeit my online, unreal friend whose real name I probably did not even know, but he was a friend. Glen was the first person to whom I told about the beatings and the catcalls, probably because I felt safe behind this “internet anonymity”. My walls started to slowly break down, not because I trusted him, but because I was desparately looking for something, if anything, to put my trust into. I bawled my eyes out while typing angrily at Steam chat. He would say it’s okay and try to cheer me up, usually by carrying me through the trench using ridiculous hero builds. Armlet CM, Orchid Leshrac, you name it. Playing Dota with Glen was something I looked forward to when my days were dark. He would always attempt to make the corniest jokes on mic in order to make me laugh. After every game and every post-game Steam rant, I opened up a bit more, until I was naked. I told Glen everything about me, and so did he. I knew where he lived, and it turned out we lived very close to each other, 5 minutes walking distance.”

But then, rather than giving it all away, jump directly to his amazing narration right here. And feel free to tell us your story!

Source: Wykrhm Reddy

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