Xbox One S 2TB Console begins Shipping

Xbox One S 2TB Console begins Shipping

It was previously that Xbox One S was set to be released on 2nd of August and according to some, Microsoft is sending out mails that shipment has started, affirming that the $399 version of Xbox One will arrive on Tuesday, 2nd August.


This console was first announced at E3 2016 in June, is 40% smaller than the current Xbox One console, and can perform playback ing 4K video with UHD Blu-ray discs.

Microsoft has also begun accepting pre-orders for the $299 500GB version of the Xbox One S, along with the $349 1TB edition. Those consoles will officially pass on sale August 23.

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  • Overload

    On behalf of the N4G community: I hope this console fails and Xbots just kill themselves. Seriously.

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