We found RX 480 Gaming Benchmarks And They Aren’t What We Expected From A 199$ Card

We found RX 480 Gaming Benchmarks And They Aren’t What We Expected From A 199$ Card

Hint: They are much better than we expected.

Disclaimer: Asidcast hasn’t received a review sample to benchmark this card. These benchmarks were leaked online and deleted quickly, and has surfaced into youtube thanks to a re-upload by a rookie youtuber named Alex. (We would love to get a review sample though, to verify the benchmarks ourselves)

The RX 480‘s launch date of June 29 is just around the corner and seeing these benchmarks and specs, you’ll be inclined to buy one too. The benchmarks were leaked, in addition to a hands-on preview of the card and its full specs.  The benchmarks included Rockstar’s famous sandbox, GTA 5, with RPG of the year, The Witcher 3, along with multiplayer FPS games like DOOM, Overwatch & Counter Strike:Global Offensive.

Complete Specifications Revealed:

All we knew till now were the 256bit 8 Gbps GDDR5 memory subsystem and the 36 Compute Unit figure for the graphics engine. Thanks to the latest GPU-Z screenshot that was  leaked, the rest of the specifications have been revealed.

The specifications here are looking very promising.

The specifications here  look very promising.

Polaris 10 features 32 ROPs, the same number that we’ve seen in AMD’s Tonga and Tahiti GPUs.  The number of TMUs on the other hand has grown comparatively from 128 to 144. As a result of the higher number of GCN cores & compute units inside Polaris 10 compared to Tonga & Tahiti. It has also been confirmed that the 8GB variant of the RX 480 features GDDR5 8Gbps memory chips by Samsung. The same type that we’ve seen in Nvidia’s GTX 1070.

RX 480 Gaming Performance:
With specs that good, the gaming performance must be godlike, and for the price point of 200$ it gives us the same power that a top of the line R9 Fury or GTX 980 would give us last year, if that’s not godlike, wait until the true giants of AMD, the VEGA series of chips arrive. Without any more waiting, here are the video benchmarks for each game.

Witcher 3:

The game runs so much better on this card than on my almost 3 year old 280X*cries* but honestly, it gives performance similar to a top of the line enthusiast card at almost Ultra settings at 1080p, gives an average of about 70FPS while exploring White Orchard, and goes to an average of 62 FPS during a fight with a griffin. It barely goes below 60FPS and the lowest it touches is 56FPS and that’s for a millisecond, so you probably wont even notice it. The game was played on a system with an i5-6400 and had the terribly optimized hairworks off.

Grand Theft Auto 5:

GTA 5 was a hit on PS3 and Xbox 360 and PC gamers wished they could have a piece of Rockstar’s epic and sure enough, they did, with a remastered version launched along with the PS4 and Xbox One, and was a technical wonder that ran much better than it’s unoptimized prequels. Running the game on High or Ultra and achieving 60 FPS was an easy task in the game but the benchmark was too strenuous so lower values were common. And the FPS would get shot down even more so with the advanced graphics turned all the way up. the RX 480 performed very well even under the maximum settings possible when paired up with a i5-6400. The card manages a min fps of 37FPS and goes to over 100FPS with the Advanced Graphics cranked all the way up. Expect great 1440p performance at 60FPS on this title without the advanced Settings on.

Doom, Overwatch and Counter Strike Global offensive:

Doom is a next gen multiplayer game that is light to run, but turns demanding after pushing the settings all the way up to Nightmare. The video shows a wide range of FPS ranging from 121 at its peak to 57 at its lowest even at its highest settings. But the average is high enough for the game to be played without anyone complaining about lag at all.

Meanwhile Overwatch plays amazingly well, as the FPS averages above a hundred at the highest settings and surprisingly plays like it’s hooked to a card better than a 980. Expect no performance problems on this title.

Hardcore CSGO players will love this game as the game hits framerates between 200 and 250, and easily averages between the higher end of that spectrum. You could run this game at 1440p or 4K and still expect crazy high eSport level performance.

As you can see the reference card has no back plate, and is considerable shorter in length. The cooler is what's so long, I expect a Nano cooler version soon.

As you can see the reference card has no back plate, and is considerably shorter in length. The blower cooler is so long, I expect a Nano cooler version soon.

In conclusion, this is a fast graphics card. Very Fast. And it’s cheap. Very Cheap. Plus do note that these games weren’t played on drivers optimized for the new card, so expect better performance with a newer driver and DX12 games. As you may remember, two of these cards beat a GTX 1080 in a DirectX 12 game. So its full potential wont be seen until later,so those who believe in ‘future proofing’ their PCs will like this card too. AMD has hit itself a homerun and Nvidia’s gonna be sweating to beat this target before year end, and it may be too late then.

For more benchmarks and news, stay tuned to Asidcast.

Joel Monteiro

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  • Pui Ho Lam

    You should be comparing it to something with similar ACTUAL COST, the gtx1070. I believe the yield rate, die size, power draw of gtx1070 is close to that of RX480. The retail price may be higher but it has nothing to do with its base cost.

    • http://www.google.it/ KingArthas

      The 1070 costs, more or less, twice.

      • Pui Ho Lam

        Read again

        • jalebi Singh

          RX 480 die size is 232mm2 and 1070 is 314mm2. How is that even close? Power draw is 150w with max power to board 225w on the 1070. The 480 has max power to board of 150w and an unknown TDP.

          • Pui Ho Lam

            1070 is a lower binned 1080 with 1/4 of the cores disabled. So the actual size of 1070 is only around 235mm2

          • DecimationPro

            Power usage is subject to clock speed, both the 480 and the 1070 are good for the price bracket. Basically until a RX 485, RX 490 or a GTX 1060 arrives we are comparing different levels of GPU.

          • Pui Ho Lam

            When you put two boxers to a competition, they have to be in the same weight class. The same goes for GPUs. You should be comparing the performance of GPUs with the same power consumption and die size. Obviously, the effective die size and power usage of GTX1070 are very close to that of RX480. So comparing them is meaningful.

            “Power usage is subject to clock speed” That’s why you compare their performances at the same average power usage. And TDP is a good indicator of the average power usage.

          • DecimationPro

            I agree but comparing an apple to an orange is slightly flawed.

          • Pui Ho Lam

            This is nothing like comparing an apple to an orange because performance benchmark is entirely objective.

          • Pui Ho Lam

            Turns out RX480 fails PCI-E specification and draws more current than it should from the PCI-E and may kill the motherboard. The current also fluctuates faster than it is allowed to so… just beware. (TDP over limit. Throttling too fast)

        • jalebi Singh

          Yield rate of Rx 480 is probably above 50% more than the 1070 as wafer failures get higher with bigger chips. Your first comment literaly has no correct facts.

    • d0x360

      Who cares how you compare it. Fact is this $200 card punches well above its weight and is easily the best value. If they can pull this much performance off for $200 think of what their flagship cards will manage.

      nVidia has work to do and for the first time in a long time they are going to be on the defensive.

      • Pui Ho Lam

        Then you’re really missing the point. Nvidia are gonna make more money for doing less because they can snap a higher price tag on something that actually costs the same as the RX480.

        • d0x360

          First off you dont know that they can just do that. Second even if they could your missing the point.

          AMD is doing what Intel wanted to do years ago which is cheap GPUs for everyone that can play anything. The difference is amd has created a GPU that is capable where Intel didn’t.

          AMD is looking to make their money on massive volume by breaking into a more mainstream market who is put off by the high price of PC gaming.

          If this works AMD stands to become the #1 maker of GPUs very quickly. That $200 price point and the performance it offers is going to convince a lot of people who never got into PC gaming to do so and nVidia has no $200 card that can match the performance of the 480.

          If nVidia were to take a card that costs more and cut the price to 200 and sell it at a loss that’s also a win for AMD. It means less money for r&d in camp nVidia.

          No matter what happens AMD wins here.

          Scenario #1 AMD sells a massive number of $200 cards and helps build their name as a great brand. On top of that they make a lot of money via volume and they invest that money into r&d

          Scenario #2 nVidia freaks out and reacts by cutting the price of a card to match and selling it at a loss. That means now nVidia has LESS money for r&d.

          Either way the playing field is leveled once again.

          nVidia is basically number 1 because they cheated years ago. They cheated benchmarks for a very long time and since they always won benchmarks people thought they were better which caused ati to lose money and nVidia to gain a ton of money for r&d.

          Eventually nVidia was caught but at that point the damage was done. Then they came out with ganeworks which benefited NOBODY not even nVidia owners. Amd cards could run game works features just fine after a driver update. The issue was all these cool effects and techniques were closed source. That’s bad for all developers.

          Amd has always open sourced innovation that way devs can use it and make it better. NVidia has started open sourcing things because devs made them. Devs were tired of being made to look bad. Gamers blamed the devs for unoptimized games when it was really nVidia.

          Gaming needs to be open if we want it to advance and grow.

          All of it is tied together. WE are gamers. There should be ZERO brand loyalty. It should always come down to whatever hardware meets your needs for the best price. It should never be about a name and that’s what’s happened. We have basically console fanboy wars over GPUs and that’s stupid.

          Without competition the market stagnated for years and now AMD is coming back fighting and thank god because we need some life and passion back in PC gaming.

          • Pui Ho Lam

            You’re not replying to what I have said. You’re just repeating the point of view AMD told you. What happens now is that from the engineering POV, AMD lost (assuming GTX1070 really outperforms RX480 in all cases). From business POV, AMD also lost because Nvidia are gonna make more money (also based on the previous assumptions). From environment POV, we lost because the mainstream uses something that’s less energy efficient. But of course, these are all based on assumptions, not facts that I can easily verify right now.

          • https://www.facebook.com/grey.kian Kian Grey

            no actually you should listen to what the guy above you is saying because his facts are pretty accurate dude, currently AMD holds the market and i mean this due to console’s and that they own a little bit of cpu market, which is going to change to allot because of Zen, and allot of the GPU market because of the console’s and there main gpu’s.

            Amd gave up on the higher end for now until Vega launches in the fall, that will be there selling point because they know that no one buys there r9 390X’s and people barely bought the R9 fury’s,this is due to Nvidia having better products and AMD having too many options for consumers while Nvidia only had a few. So they’re cutting that and only going with the mainstream audience where they perform best in, the best price for your buck people. Throughout the years it has worked but now since the main focus will be on that and for great performance at amazing prices, they dont need to go head to head with Nvidia because they have a plan for that all ready put into motion. Polaris wasn’t supposed to go agains Pascal and AMD has said this before.

            AMD has not lost they are taking more victories because they own most of the market and will continue to do so, Nvidia is going to begin to lose money because AMD made a smart business option and they are making more and more now since they change of there CEO. They havent lost anything, they’re going to start to rise again at the top like they used to back in the early cpu days.

            what killed Nvidia is not going after the ps4 and xbox one, that there just gave amd a shit ton of money while Nvidia is mainly being funded by small projects and smart vehicles, while like i said, AMD is getting it from every main source they can.

          • Pui Ho Lam

            Not only did you not read and understand my posts, you go on to post ridiculous claims. You need to read some of the financial reports out there. Both companies are public listed so you can see for yourselves. Who lost money, who earned more, who sold more products,etc, are all in the report. As for the products, you can decide for yourself which is truly better regardless of the retail price which has absolutely nothing to do with its cost.

          • https://www.facebook.com/grey.kian Kian Grey

            retail price has nothing to do with it’s cost?????????? That makes no sense the only way for it yo make sense is that if you sale a titan X for 1000 bucks and the GTX 1070 for 400 and they perform the same or relatively close, and no i am very aware of what you said and the reports, what i am saying is and what is very evident is that AMD holds a higher share of market then Nvidia does and this is more then true.

            Yes for the last maybe 12 years AMD hasn’t been doing too hot but since the R9 200 series it has been getting better and now since they just got the consoles under there control they have pretty much over 70% of the market, why do you think there stock is rising? What they promised and delivered is why as well as the consoles and they will continue to make money and Nvidia in the next 2-6 years will start to decline ever so with there only income being Graphics cards for Cars, consumers, developers and there Nvidia Shield Gaming line.

          • Pui Ho Lam

            Like you said, the price is only based on its performance, which correlates to demand. While the production cost is not absolutely uncorrelated, the significance in it has diminished because AMD is so far behind in the competition.

            As for the market share, you need to go read some report.
            Of course you should always find some more references to compare but I ‘ll leave that detail to you or I would take away all the fun, don’t you agree.

          • https://www.facebook.com/grey.kian Kian Grey

            No the significance wouldn’t be diminished because of the fact that supply and demand are at good numbers leaving a balance for AMD to grow, they aren’t far behind at all, yes this is gpu number you put up from 2015 and that is arguable to be 100% correct but it doesn’t excuse the fact that i was still correct in my statements, i never said AMD holds the market currently at all, Everyone knows Nivida does, what i said was that AMD will take over the market in years to come considering how much control they have and there multiple sources of income, then it comes down to that Nvidia’s true income only comes from graphics chips but AMD has other sources they can bring revenue in, how are they so far behind if the ps4 has sold over 40 million units and its based off of AMD hardware? Numbers don’t lie bud.

            And thats a strong set of words “Production Cost” considering the fact that Nvidia doesnt have ther GPU’S on there correct price points which they were said to be as well as it is almost impossible from 2 weeks ago till maybe a week from me typing this, for Nvidia to be in stock with there Pascal line of GPU’s. All the prices are so high that it’s insane with AMD holding with the RX 480 at a great price, yes it has had issues but those are due to be fixed this week, amd was behind years ago but you cannot say they are now as shown by there true revenue of the past 4 years, share not just in GPU sales, so careful when you throw your words around that way….

          • Pui Ho Lam

            “what i am saying is and what is very evident is that AMD holds a higher
            share of market then Nvidia does and this is more then true.” and you didn’t even bother editing your previous post. Thank you for contradicting yourself. We are done here. I see no point in continuing the discussion further unless you go dig up some more facts.

            I don’t care for Nvidia nor AMD. All I care is sustainable development. And AMD is failing to catch up. That’s a fact.

          • https://www.facebook.com/grey.kian Kian Grey

            and if amd is behind why is there Radeon Pro Duo the fastest GPU on the market? I’ve seen benchmarks for 4k and it having between a 6-20 frame difference and this isn’t just DX 12 Titles either. It may be a duel gpu solution that comes around 1000 bucks but it is still the faster video card.

          • DecimationPro

            The big gains for AMD are as follows:
            1) DX 12 allows 2 cards to perform with far less stutter etc then DX11 and AMD has always put more effort into lower tier cards with Crossfire (although with DX 12 SLI and Crossfire aren’t needed, the actual DX and game will do the joining of GPU’s).
            2) AMD supports asynchronous computation and DX12 is heavier on this then drivers, in other words with DX11 the DX prevented the cards from using a lot of the GPU’s power depending on the game so the company that had more $$ to spend on driver updates (nV) is always going to win on DX11 even if the GPU’s are inferior in power while drivers make far smaller changes on most DX12 games (except for nVidia cards that don’t use the same computation and have to rely on drivers to simulate the async compute and don’t do that well).
            3) AMD controls consoles, while they don’t make a massive profit (most of the money they make is to cover the cost of the chips) it means that developers that use AMD GPU’s to optimize their games have a far easier job porting to console, it makes sense to optimize your game towards a GPU architecture that Consoles and PC’s use (unless you get a massive sum of $$$, to put “The Way it’s Meant to be Played” in your game launch).
            4) AMD has a slightly smaller architecture then the green team, I think the actual chip sizes are ~20nm vs ~22nm (the 14 and 16 nm stuff is just marketing basically what they are saying is that if the chip was a single switch instead of the fin-fet switch it would have to be a 14nm chip to get the same performance).
            5) People like myself ARE MOST CERTAINLY seeing a drop in FPS in titles that worked fine a few years back, for instance World in Conflict dropped by about 4 FPS on my GTX 660 OC. While I don’t think it is intentional it does make the card not last as long as I would want (4 yrs is not bad but some of the older RX 7000 series cards have actually had performance INCREASES since then).
            6) Hairworks etc. I realize it is business but trying to hold a market by holding onto tech that gimps the competitors cards is just BS. Almost like AMD selling their cards at higher prices a few years ago because they where good at Bitcoin mining then nV cards where, not illegal but a poor taste is left in the customers mouth.


          • https://www.facebook.com/grey.kian Kian Grey

            I mean the ps4 sold over 40 million units in a heart beat so idk about all the consoles don’t make money thing lol, but you’re pretty much spot on with everything else so cheers

          • Joel Monteiro

            Well said.

  • Brian Brogan

    Since I game on htc vive not sure if upgrading from my 390x would be worth it??

    • Joel Monteiro

      Not really. Wait for the Vega series to find the true successor of the 390X

  • LordX

    “Hardcore CSGO players will love this game as the game hits FPS between 200-250”
    who cares ? even if 2000FPS, there is no display with so high refresh rate so it just useless.

    • Pyro

      > building a $2,000 rig to play fucking Counter Strike

      • Joel Monteiro

        The card is 200$, so a rig with this card won’t be costlier than 600$

        • d0x360

          It would if you wanted to get a good CPU and ddr4..and a good case and liquid cooling and a fan controller.

          If you wanted the absolute bare bones pc that can play games sure but if you want an actual gaming PC you are spending more than 600

          • https://www.facebook.com/grey.kian Kian Grey

            what? i can make a pc right now on pc partpicker with a full 600 dollar
            or near 600 dollar build?? like 600 bucks is a entry level sweet spot?
            with 1000-1500 being a normal price for people to build off of and 1600+
            is going into luxury

            like you should look at benchmarks for the i3 6100 its the best budget option…but if you wanna save more you can get a fx 6300 and a 50 dollar mobo and still stay under 600 bucks, which granted will run all your games perfectly fine….

  • d0x360

    What’s the shock here? AMD said they were going to offer great performance that met vr spec at an affordable price and that’s exactly what they did.

    I can’t wait for their flagship 14nm cards

  • Alexis Cruz Ramírez

    It’s fake

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