Unofficial Division Companion App, DivisionDPS, Launched for Windows 10

Unofficial Division Companion App, DivisionDPS, Launched for Windows 10

The Division players always had to show off their gear score and DPS but they had to go through a hassle of sharing the screenshot and showing them the mods which helped them achieve that.


Now, a free, unofficial companion app for The Division called DivisionDPS promises to make life a little easier for digital gun enthusiasts who just can’t make up their minds about how to most effectively bring peace to the ravaged streets of New York. You already knew that you’d be shooting everyone you saw, but now you have advice on which gun to do it with.

Developed by Redditor deHoDev-Stefan (or just DeHoDev on the Windows Store), the app calculates more than 60 value points per weapon, including DPS, one-second burst damage, one-bullet critical damage, and damage per mag, against different sorts of enemies, both PvE and PvP, and under a variety of conditions. Weapons can then be easily compared to see which are really the most effective for any given job.


The in-game character stat sheet is broken and so the stats for headshot damage and a few other values may not match up with the in-game numbers, although the author noted in a separate thread that only the stats on the sheet are wrong, and that the actual damage dealt is correct. You’ll also have to enter your initial weapon data manually, as there’s no API to get those values from the game into the app.

Even so, it looks like it could be a very handy tool for those moments when you’re forced to make the tough choice between Mr. Boom and Mr. Bang. DivisionDPS requires Windows 10, and is available free from the Windows Store.





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    I loved so much but,I wondering if Ubisoft will do downgrade for console version I hope in deep my harts the game will running like this demo on console or PC and we will not shocking again after Watch Dogs

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