Ubisoft selling Tom Clancy’s The Division beta. For Charity.

Ubisoft selling Tom Clancy’s The Division beta. For Charity.

Ubisoft has attained a rather dubious status in the gaming industry for implementing rather notorious ways to make money, much to the ire of masses. To point out notable instances, the recent case of Far Cry Primal where you wouldn’t be able to play as the Mammoth unless the gamer buys a Collector’s Edition. Then there is the annual drama of the Assassin’s Creed series, one which is the best example of milking the cash cow. And now, new year has just begun and we already have a case on our hands given by the never-upsetting-to-destroy-your-expectations Ubisoft in the form of making you pay for The Division’s beta.

Ubi Humble

To set the record straight lets first understand the situation properly and then go in depth with what just happened. Ubisoft, in the Humble Bundles, is offering you Tom Clancy’s The Division’s beta playable for you (along with some ancient Tom Clancy’s titles) which should set you back $9.32. And they are claiming that the proceeds from this plan are set to go to charity. And NO, when the game is released you will NOT have access to the full game, for which after you have paid the $9.32 and then intend to buy the complete game, you will again NOT get discounted $9.32. And to just state another fact, the game is all set to cost INR 1,799, which is roughly 27$ right now.

While, at first impressions it may surely seem to be in good terms with the fact that all the proceeds are to go to charity, one then cannot help but think critically as to just how badly this is being implemented. As far as I am concerned, they surely could then reduce the price of the original game when the game is released for those who had to ‘buy’ the beta. This kind of implementation shows good faith in the game they have made as they then believe the game is good and that people will buy the complete game after liking the beta.

What do you think of the latest stunt being conducted by Ubisoft? Genuine help for the charity or another gimmick for marketing? Let us know in the comments below!

You can check out the humble bundle page here.


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  • J.j. Barrington

    I’m sorry, what’s the problem?

    You donate to charity, and then want a discount as your reward?

    And you’re calling Ubisoft greedy?

    • Soham Rane

      Umm, i you are interested in donating stuff to charity, do it directly. Dont fall in the tax free scam being run by Ubisoft. Make stuff like this optional or throw in a discount and id like to say hats off Ubisoft. Till then, until next time.

    • calactyte

      My thoughts exactly. What the hell is wrong with the gaming community?

    • A Terabithian Blue Phoenix

      When I decide to donate to charity, I go and donate to charity. I buy humble bundles not because of charity, but because they’re cheap, and the charity part is a bonus.

      The point is that Ubisoft sank as low as to sell the BETA version of a game in a bundle.

      • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

        No Ubisoft sold you nothing, they allowed you access to a Beta for you donating to a charity, an action that typically gets you nothing, its not complicated, stop looking for an excuse to bitch, oh and by the way no one is forcing you to donate, you dont like it dont do it.

      • J.j. Barrington

        The proceeds of which go to charity. An optional purchase.

        They didn’t sink anywhere.

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  • You’re actually complaining that you don’t get the full game when it clearly says Beta? LOL oh gawd

    • A Terabithian Blue Phoenix

      Not really. Nobody complained about that.

      • “And NO, when the game is released you will NOT have access to the full game”

      • J.j. Barrington

        You’re not even defending this well.

        There is no dirt to be found here. You choose to donate or not, whether through this method or some other. No gun to your head, forcing you to do it. No peer pressure bearing down on you.

        You either decide to donate to charity in this method, or you don’t.

        Time to cut your losses here.

        • Soham Rane

          You are absolutely right when you say that you have a choice on whether to donate or not, but end of the day what is happening here is that they are asking you to pay for playing a beta. And this excuse of whether to donate to charity or not is invalid in comparison to that, because id rather donate directly. There is no need for Ubisoft to make you pay to raise money for a charity.

    • Soham Rane

      Firstly, there is no complain as such. However, one being expected to pay for a beta in name of ‘charity’ and then not getting any sort of discount when buying the real game is funny. Id rather pre order the game and then play the beta also and then end up saving the 9 extra dollars. Id best give the money straight to charity than put it thru Ubisoft

  • Dafaq Das

    It’s the worst judgement I’ve ever seen in my life.
    And it’s not like someone grabbed you by the throat and tried to mug you.
    Falling short of topics makes people do this.

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