Ubisoft to release a Plethora of Video Games by March 2017, Including a New IP


French multinational video game developer and publisher, Ubisoft, is all set to release a number of video games till March 2017. If the reddit thread that reportedly divulged this is to be believed, then this news was revealed in company reports to investors. An image of the said announcement which has leaked is as follows:


Taking a closer look at each of the games in this image, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon‘s latest was officially revealed in the end of Ubisoft’s E3 2015 press conference, which was then also termed as the most surprising reveal of E3 as critics praised the game overall back then. Watch Dogs 2 has long been in the rumors and whispers of almost all game forums. After a rather disastrous run with its first installment keeping in mind its poor port and reviews being highly critical of various aspects of the game, on February 11, 2016, Ubisoft confirmed in its earnings release that a sequel to Watch Dogs will be released by the end of Ubisoft’s 2017 fiscal year, which is April 1, 2016, through March 31, 2017.

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South Park: The Fractured but Whole was announced back in June 2015. However, so far all we know is that the player again controls the New Kid, joining the children of South Park as they role-play superheroes. For Honor has long been the talk of town, with its spotlight recently being hogged by the latest in the AAA market such as Doom and Uncharted 4. That being said, not a lot of the game in general has been revealed. All we know is that it is a non-fantasy hack and slash video game set during the medieval period where gamers can play as a character from three different factions, namely The Legion, The Chosen, and The Warborn which represent knightsamurai, and Vikings, respectively.

What shall be of keen interest is to see what Ubisoft is thinking to pull as the  ‘NEW AAA IP’ in development. With the commercial and average critical success in The Division, it seems that Ubisoft plans on pulling the strings of ‘innovation’ yet again, as the earlier gamble seems to have done the trick at least on consoles. Whether it pays off this time, and what the game is going to be all about, only time will tell.


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