The X-men Apocalypse Trailer Has Finally Arrived

Ever since Marvel started making their own movies, which changed the landscape of superhero movies forever, Fox has been- for the lack of a better word- desperate to cash in with their remaining rights to Marvel characters. Following the unfortunate and disappointing Fantastic Four reboot, their only hope lies with the X-Men franchise, and Deadpool. Today, they released the trailer to their next X-Men movie X-Men: Apocalypse.

XMA 01

The trailer works as a brief introduction to the character Apocalypse, AKA En Sabah Nur, who is presumed to be the first person on Earth to posses the X-gene, which gives mutants their abilities. After a long period of hibernation, he’s back and he’s pissed. Of course, that results into all out destruction of absolutely everything in sight. We also get a look at the new cast of characters, including Olivia Munn as Psylocke, and Sophie Turner as Jean Grey. Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Storm, and Angel also make an appearance. For a moment, I was confused how a young Mystique could have a teenage Nightcrawler son, but then I remembered this movie was set 21 years after X-Men: First Class, where she meets his father.

XMA 03

As a Marvel fan, I have mixed feelings about the trailer. As much happy and excited as I am seeing the return of the loved classic characters, I still can’t forgive Fox for the ridiculous Apocalypse costume, and I will remain skeptical about how they have handled the ancient evil trope until I have watched the movie, because right now it seems a bit cliche. Of course, that could also be my affection for Marvel Studios (who, I wish, got the rights to include X-Men in MCU). All in all, I am happy about the casting, but doubtful about the story and the treatment of the plot. We will see how it holds up on 27th May, 2016.

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