The PS4 Neo May not Deliver 4K resolution

The PS4 Neo May not Deliver 4K resolution

The new PS4 release date is remains unknown, but according to some rumours, it may release on the 15th of September. 


According to Eurogamer, however, the PS4 Neo may not deliver 4K performance, especially on AAA games. Since the Neo itself is not available, a computer with AMD’s Polaris 10 GPU was leveraged at clock speeds that mimic the hardware’s leaked internals. The results are not particularly positive. 

The Polaris 10 GPU was compared with Radeon RX 480, and this report showed that Radeon RX 480  can run up to 1266 MHz while Neo’s alleged GPU can only deliver 911 MHz. This clock speed may not be bad for a closed box system, but analysts believe that with this clock speed, it’s not possible to deliver decent 4k performance. The report said that on 1440p you will not get stable frames and it may result in a hazy 4K effect. In 1080p it is believed that you may achieve a solid 60 fps. These results are quite surprising because 4K performance on the console was pretty much a given at this point.

We’ll obviously able to verify these results only once the console is released, so here’s hoping for the best.


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  • James Vickers

    I really don’t see the big deal if the Neo or even the Scorpio had 4k or not, very few movies and games are being published in 4K. And no one I know owns a 4K tv. So it really does not matter for now.

    • TheChosen

      developers are free to use the more power for other resolutions as well. Not just for 4k lol.

    • ShowanW

      Netflix and Amazon already have a decent amount of 4K content
      I already converted to 4K blu-rays for a few movies I purchased.

      And because you don’t know anyone with a 4K tv doesn’t matter…

      4K tv prices have nose dived drastically… Why not get ahead.

  • David Pechacek

    Can’t compare PC to consoles to begin with. But we shall see.

  • Jason V

    Some of you guys really need to watch Digital Foundry. They did and rx480 setup very similiar to the rumoured neo specs, and 1440p was pretty much hitting the sweet spot of the neo. Anything higher was around 30fps and less. The problem is that Sony don’t want to upscale 1440p. Because apparently it doesn’t upscale well to 4K? In any case I’m thinking of buying one to compliment my troublesome launch PS4. It still works fine just has its little niggles. Plus it will be better for psvr when I have it

  • player911

    People need to understand resolutions here and the purpose of the Neo. The Neo is supposed to allow 4K streaming video. Nothing about 4K games. You are living in a pipe dream of you think any console can/will handle 4K resolutions in games. PCs can barely handle 4K resolution. Consoles can barely handle 720 and 1080. The small bump in hardware will not magically make 4K gaming happen.

    It will allow “ultra graphics” settings to include some additional special effects but otherwise the games will be the same resolution as what the origjnal console plays. It MAY include some AA filtering and upscaling to output on a 4K screen but honestly that would look like shit. Thats like playing a N64 game on a 1080P.

    • Chris Sanchez

      The Scorpio will be able to handle native 4K gaming, that’s the purpose of it.
      And no, it’s not a “pipe dream”.

      The PS4 Neo isn’t for 4K, it’s going to be introduced for better PSVR experiences.

      • player911

        Lmao ok dude. We’ll see.

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