• Superhot VR exclusive to Oculus

    Superhot VR exclusive to Oculus0

    We know that the Oculus games have been hardware locked so they can’t be played on any other VR platform like the HTC Vive through Revive app. Now Oculus has gained another exclusive with the Time Bending FPS, Superhot. The devs said: We’re now working super close with the guys at Oculus to release SUPERHOT VR later this year. We’re

  • 8Review: SUPERHOT

    Review: SUPERHOT5

    Superhot is a game I was waiting to play for some time now, having already played the beta version. It had one of the most innovative gameplay elements in FPS gaming, time moves when you do. Seems simple enough now, but why hadn’t anyone tried it? FPS games kept getting faster and louder, this one was

  • Did You See That?! A Look at Gaming Visuals Today

    Did You See That?! A Look at Gaming Visuals Today1

    Gaming is a a majorly visual medium, and the graphics of a game are a key factor in how it is received. For many years, game visuals were continuously worked upon to reflect the real world as closely as possible. However, recent years have seen the saturation of games attempting photorealistic graphics – leading to