• Bring Back the RTS We Loved!

    Bring Back the RTS We Loved!1

    It’s 2006, and I’m discovering my first ’hardcore’ game – Command & Conquer Generals. I’m still getting used to the strategizing and micromanagement, but I build up my supply stack, coordinate my rangers, tanks and Humvees into a strike against the GLA base, leaping across hillocks and swerving between roads, fighting the enemy tooth-and-nail till

  • Build-A-Religion With Crest – A Preview

    Build-A-Religion With Crest – A Preview0

    Ah, the god game. Putting the player in the shoes of an omnipresent creator, your aim is to get your virtual worshipers to follow instructions better than us humans have. Crest is the latest in this line of religion simulators, and it certainly makes its mark. What makes Crest unique is its mode of commanding your followers: there is no

  • 8Review: XCOM 2

    Review: XCOM 20

    There is a question that every artist has to ask himself at one point in his life- do I keep true to a time-tested formula, or do I try to innovate? There is no right answer to this, and most game developers try to stay somewhere between the extremes. Experimenting with a genre is risky,