• Overwatch: Doomfist Skins Revealed

    Overwatch: Doomfist Skins Revealed0

    Doomfist is the most recent addition to the Overwatch family. Last week, the character was released on games’ PTR (Public Test Realm). When the update files added the highly-anticipated character to the game, they came with eight different skins. Let’s take a look at the different skins. Overwatch is available now for PC, Xbox One,

  • Amazon  Sale offers Amazing Discounts on Video Games and Consoles

    Amazon Sale offers Amazing Discounts on Video Games and Consoles0

    The Amazon sale is here with surprising offers and some amazing discounts on video games and consoles. If you are from India then it is time to buy some games. Amazon India has 2 great deals for PS4 Slim at this moment, the first deal costs Rs. 30,390 which includes a PS4 Slim 1TB with Uncharted:

  • Overwatch’s New PTR Update Buffs Zarya, McCree and others

    Overwatch’s New PTR Update Buffs Zarya, McCree and others0

    Blizzard has recently launched a PC only update for Overwatch on Public Test Realm. This update made few changes which made characters like McCree, Reaper, Reinhardt, Zarya, and Doomfist more powerful than before. This most significant change was for Zarya’s ultimate ability, The Graviton Surge. The upgraded ability now disables all movement abilities when launched

  • Street Fighter 5 Stage Removed because of Unintentional Religious References0

    Street Fighter 5 recently received an update of a couple of DLC’s including a new stage. The “Temple Hideout” stage is a remastered version of famous Buddhist temple stage from Street Fighter 2. According to, players on Steam and Playstation Store this stage has been pulled out from sale without any prior notice. As we all can

  • New Super Mario Mod is now available for Skyrim

    New Super Mario Mod is now available for Skyrim0

    If you are a PC gamer and a Mario fan, we have some great news for you. The world of Skyrim is incomplete without modders, and one of these modders made a Super Mario mod for Skyrim. Titled Super Skyrim Bros, this Mario inspired mod will include Goombas and Koopa Troopas, magic hammers and mushroom power-ups, and

  • 7Review: Shadow Warrior 2

    Review: Shadow Warrior 20

    Shadow Warrior 2 is an FPS developed by Flying Wild Hog Games, who also made a reboot of the classic Shadow Warrior. A fast paced shooter which highly emphasizes gameplay, Shadow Warrior 2 has some visceral moments, coupled with great level design, although it falters in terms of animation and story. The optimization of this