• Ubisoft’s Latest Feat in Multiplayer – For Honor

    Ubisoft’s Latest Feat in Multiplayer – For Honor0

    There was some some skepticism surrounding Ubisoft’s latest game For Honor because we all know for a fact that their quality of games has not been upto the mark or, just didn’t hit the right spot such as with their annual release of Assassin’s Creed – but there is reason for optimism. For Honor is an upcoming

  • The FPS Campaign Still Deserves Our Attention

    The FPS Campaign Still Deserves Our Attention0

    The FPS is the gaming behemoth of the day. From Call of Duty to Battlefield, to a hundred other games and franchises that try to carve out their share of the massive FPS audience, it seems like the genre has defied any ideas of oversaturation. Multiplayer FPSes rule the roost, in every scene from esports to the

  • Bring Back the Couch Co-Op

    Bring Back the Couch Co-Op0

    One of my fondest memories from my early days of gaming was of Hot Wheels: Micro Racers‘ split screen races. The controls were, admittedly, fairly cumbersome and my friends and I wrestled over the keyboard and mouse to find the perfect position, balancing the view of both the screen and the controller. Several fights ensued.