• Natec Genesis Annouce a 1VS1 CS:GO Championship

    Natec Genesis Annouce a 1VS1 CS:GO Championship0

    Esports surely seems to be reaching its golden era in India. With major international brands and companies such as ESL and MLG now showing genuine interest in this country of 1.2 billion people, it comes as no surprise that others shall follow suit soon enough. Natec Genesis, a popular gaming peripheral manufacturer from Poland now enters the

  • WESA Seeks to Unite Global Esports Under a Single Organization

    WESA Seeks to Unite Global Esports Under a Single Organization0

    After over a year of intense negotiations, it has been announced that the World Esports Association, or WESA, has been officially founded. In an effort to further professionalize esports, ESL has been working closely with some of the most renowned, industry-leading esports teams to create an open and inclusive organisation to oversee standardized tournament regulations,

  • An Interview With Flipkart Gaming

    An Interview With Flipkart Gaming1

    Video gaming, in general, set up camp in the urban pockets of India long after it had made its humongous impact all around the globe. However, displaying the scantest signs of decelerating of their passage in making their way into being a staple among Indian teens and children alike, today the video gaming industry in