• Star Wars: Episode VIII Is Now In Production

    Star Wars: Episode VIII Is Now In Production0

    With Star Wars: The Force Awakens now a thing of the past, all we have on our hands is waiting for the next iteration, or at least some news about it. Lucasflim now has us covered as ‘cameras roll and the cast is confirmed for the next chapter of the Star Wars saga’, to put

  • YouTube Mega-Star PewDiePie Announces Revelmode

    YouTube Mega-Star PewDiePie Announces Revelmode0

    Internet sensation PewDiePie, who has stolen 41,598,299 hearts as I write this article, is all set to expand his ‘Bro-Army’, that name being the term he refers to his fan base. In partnership with Disney’s Maker Studios and an ensemble line-up of YouTubers, he has announced the launching of a new channel, named ‘Revelmode’. Executive