• Nvidia Might Launch GTX 1080 Ti by January 2017

    Nvidia Might Launch GTX 1080 Ti by January 20170

    Nvidia is known for some seriously heavy duty GPUs, and 2016 has seen them launch some awesome cards, including the GTX 1060, GTX 1070 and GTX 1080. However, it seems Nvidia has already started planning for 2017, with an expected launch of the GTX 1080 Ti by 2017. According to some experts, GTX 1080 Ti might provide

  • The PS4 Neo May not Deliver 4K resolution

    The PS4 Neo May not Deliver 4K resolution8

    The new PS4 release date is remains unknown, but according to some rumours, it may release on the 15th of September.  According to Eurogamer, however, the PS4 Neo may not deliver 4K performance, especially on AAA games. Since the Neo itself is not available, a computer with AMD’s Polaris 10 GPU was leveraged at clock speeds that

  • NVIDIA reveals Quadro P6000 GPU

    NVIDIA reveals Quadro P6000 GPU0

    NVIDIA has just upgraded their banner GPUs with newer versions. They’ve announced a new GPU named the Quadro P6000 which will apparently be more powerful that Titan X. The P6000 is not aimed for gaming, but gamers can definitely buy it to get extremely high FPS with 4K. This GPU is aimed to be used in workstations for