• Need For Speed Payback System Requirement Reveled

    Need For Speed Payback System Requirement Reveled0

    In just a few months time, we will be able to play the latest edition of the Need for Speed series, titled Need for Speed Payback. Just to get ready for its release, Nvidia revealed the game’s system requirements along with a 4K gameplay video which shows the stunning visuals at 60 fps. This news

  • Sony May Reveal PS4 Neo on 7th September

    Sony May Reveal PS4 Neo on 7th September0

    I believe Sony has decided when to reveal their new PS4 Neo. Yesterday, Sony announced they will host a media event on 7th of September. They already began mailing out invites.  Sony previously teased, they will release their new PS4 Neo in the second quarter. The second quarter runs from July to October. Thus, it

  • Xbox One S Plagued With Problems since the 4K Update

    Xbox One S Plagued With Problems since the 4K Update3

    The Xbox One S was released on 2nd August. It got many positive reviews and many believe it’s better than the PS4. As we all know that Xbox One needed an update to deliver the 4K resolution, some people claim after this update the console is constantly delivering problems. Few people complained about this on

  • The PS4 Neo May not Deliver 4K resolution

    The PS4 Neo May not Deliver 4K resolution8

    The new PS4 release date is remains unknown, but according to some rumours, it may release on the 15th of September.  According to Eurogamer, however, the PS4 Neo may not deliver 4K performance, especially on AAA games. Since the Neo itself is not available, a computer with AMD’s Polaris 10 GPU was leveraged at clock speeds that

  • NVIDIA reveals Quadro P6000 GPU

    NVIDIA reveals Quadro P6000 GPU0

    NVIDIA has just upgraded their banner GPUs with newer versions. They’ve announced a new GPU named the Quadro P6000 which will apparently be more powerful that Titan X. The P6000 is not aimed for gaming, but gamers can definitely buy it to get extremely high FPS with 4K. This GPU is aimed to be used in workstations for

  • PlayStation 4 Neo Specs Allegedly Leaked

    PlayStation 4 Neo Specs Allegedly Leaked0

    Another day, another leak! PS4 Neo’s Specs has been leaked and it’s creating waves on the Internet. Let us find out what it reveals about PS4 Neo. PS4 Neo will release in October 2016 or later this year. Neo games will be a lot more optimized and will receive a stable frame rate. Here are the full