Straw Hats to have 11 crew members hints One Piece creator

Straw Hats to have 11 crew members hints One Piece creator

One Piece has come a long way and now we have come across a new theory that suggests that a big part of the 10 member crew is to match up with the 10 members of Blackbeard’s executives. Blackbeard has been promoted to be the “final boss” of the story when the Straw Hats topple the corrupt system. He is the exact opposite of Luffy in almost every aspect.

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According to what shadowman0123 posted on Reddit, here’s the final list you are supposed to see if Oda is indeed hinting at a 11th crew member:

‘Straw Hat Pirates’ = 1(Captain)+1(Pet-)+7(current members) + Jinbe + Another Person (your guess)
Original Post:

Unless Oda changes his original plans and adds another character to Blackbeard’s executives, by extension Oda is not deviating from his original plan of only 10 members. The expectation of an eleventh member would be interesting at this point.



In the Strawhat crew that female members have more sophisticated jobs. Nami has the job of a navigator and Robin of an archaeologist. Not saying that men in the crew don’t have important jobs but their jobs like cook, sniper etc. are much more simple as far as knowledge and complexity are concerned. There are only two females right now in the crew so the next member should definitely be female anyway and my guess is, it will be Monet.


Now the only question remaining is how she will join the crew. Honestly, I’m not sure. There is a theory that she herself wished to go to space so she joined Doflamingo as she truly believed he will be Pirate King one day. But if Doflamingo dies in Dressrosa then she would have nowhere to go and will join Strawhats as they will seem to be the best bet to fulfill her dream. But this is a complete speculation and she might join in another way and some other event might occur which leads to her joining. But one thing that is for sure, right now she is the best and most logical choice for joining the crew. Jinbei is indeed joining the crew. Who will be next even if its Caeser Clown, I won’t be surprised really!

Please leave your comments below and tell us, who do you think the 11th crew member would be?


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