Strange RX 480 Benchmarks Leaked, Here’s How It Compares With A GTX 970

Strange RX 480 Benchmarks Leaked, Here’s How It Compares With A GTX 970

The first gaming performance results of AMD’s Radeon RX 480 graphics card were leaked by Videocardz. The performance results were originally posted by A Polish magazine by the name of CD-Action but have since been removed due to it violating their Non Disclosure Agreement with AMD. The performance results show us what to expect in terms of gaming performance from AMD’s 14 nm FinFET based Polaris 10 GPUs which will be launching tomorrow, 29th June.

c4plDlh The tests are strange since the magazine has only benchmarked 3 games and only 1 benchmarking utility, even worse is that the game settings aren’t properly  detailed, as stuff like Hairworks , Over Anti-Aliasing and Supersampling options can cause skewed results, and luckily the test bench was stated in the leaked image. An Intel i5-6600K along with Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard by ASUS, and 32Gigs of overclocked HyperX Predator RAM, running on a SSD+HDD drive setup and the modular V850 Power Supply Unit by Coooler Master was used as the test setup.


The internals of an RX 480

They even gave out their Verdict by saying that the RX 480 running at 1266MHz was slightly slower than an overclocked GTX 970, but it does beat the reference model.
Currently A 4GB 970 (MSI) costs 299$ on Amazon, so to apparently get beaten by a 199$ card is truly a good job done by AMD. We at Asidcast hope that the GTX 1060 will be a more than worthy contender at this price range and will hopefully offer a higher amount of power for cheaper.

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  • Hvd

    the r9 380x is still looking pretty good im glad i got it i think ill wait for the rx 490 in a year or so before i up grade.the 380x for 1080p is fine for right now.i mite save for fx zen for next year since i have a fx 6350.that would be my biggest upgrade.

    • nismo370z

      youre an idiot

  • Flying Turd

    Whats the minimum CPU for this GPU to work OK?

    • John

      if your stupid enough to ask, i wouldnt risk upgrading your pc. you sound like a moron who will burn there house down……. ugh……….

      • Flying Turd

        What’s so stupid about asking the CPU power needed to run this card?? Shut up fegget, u sound like a sick fat dude sitting on a stink chair with his dick hanging out, living in his Granny’s basement. So STFU.

    • Joel Monteiro

      Anything like a new i5 processor or an 8 core AMD processor should do the trick, but it’s preferred to wait for Zen.

      • Ry

        Wouldn’t touch anything from AMD at this point. Get a second hand Sandy or Ivy if you want to spend less.

      • Flying Turd


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