Reviewing Games, Movies, TV Shows, and Anime

We at ASidCast view video games, movies, TV shows and Anime as artistic creations. In the modern day world we feel that almost every other piece of art in the above mentioned entertainment mediums tend to have it easy and critical reviews of said products are probably at an all time low because everyone’s rushing to give the next game a 9.5 out of 10. What this does is devalue the rating system and makes it rather hard for something that is truly extraordinary and deserving of a 9.5 out of 10, to be coddled together with games that are run of the mill and aren’t trying to do anything exceptional.

When we review anything (except hardware) in ASidCast, our goal would be to critically judge said product from an artistic as well as a technical point of view. For example, we think that story, art style, and a sense of connection in a video game are as important as its technical aspects; like being able to hit 60 FPS and having a high resolution so that it doesn’t look like something that someone drew during their 2nd grade. At the end of the day however, it’s good to remember that none of us at ASidCast have sworn to review anything from a completely objective point of view because that’s impossible to do, and given the fact that when we review, our primary attention would go to a game’s artistic integrity, our reviews (and review scores) for the most part will differ from that of other websites.


We do not take payment for for reviews of any kind, be it games, hardware, manga, anime, TV show or a movie. We sometimes receive review copies of games and hardware that we get to keep with us but we do not take anything that we deem isn’t necessary for our review of said product. 

Review Score

After a rather long discussion internally, we at ASidCast have decided to go with a “10 point” review scale similar to most other websites. Unlike most other websites however, our review scores will be decided by the entire ASidCast writing team based around the written review of any given product. This is being done so that the review scores in ASidCast are more representative of what ASidCast thinks of any given product rather than the individual who is tasked with the review.

Our review scores, and what they mean, are as follows:

(These apply only to games, movies, TV Shows, anime and Manga. These do not apply to hardware reviews of any kind.)

10 – A 10 out of 10 is a rare exception. Most are unlikely to ever come close to it let alone get said rating. While a 10 might not mean perfection, in the day and age when the review is written, a 10 is as perfect as it gets.

9 – A 9 is something that breaks the norms of its genre and is a shining beacon of example for others to follow and improve upon.

8 – An 8 is a well polished product that does what it set out to do but doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary that breaks the mould of its genre.

7 – Its flaws hold it back from what it aims to be but it’s still good enough for you to sink a good portion of your time into.

6 – Something that has enough redeeming qualities in itself for us to consider to be above average.

5 – A 5 is only for the most average of creations

4 – A 4 is for those who put in a good effort to create something but fail to execute most things properly.

3 – This is probably a scam of some sorts.

2 – A 2 is a waste of your time and you’re generally better off avoiding it.

1 – We don’t give anything a 0. So a 1 out of 10 is the worst score you can get from us.