Racist Gamers are Pissed Off with Watch Dogs 2’s Black Protagonist

Racist Gamers are Pissed Off with Watch Dogs 2’s Black Protagonist

A few days ago Ubisoft released the reveal trailer for their upcoming game Watch Dogs 2. Watch Dogs 2 is an open world, action-adventure game set in San Francisco.

The original Watch Dogs followed a white man named Aiden Pearce but Watch Dogs 2 will follow Marcus Holloway, a young black man who is originally from Oakland.

In the hours after Ubisoft’s initial announcement, and over one million views on YouTube, many expressed worries about whether the game’s graphics would be up to snuff, while others took down some of the narrative elements the game appeared to experience in common with the USA series Mr. Robot.

20160608_012912_thumbIn Steam, almost every single conversation about Watch_Dogs 2 was about Marcus’ race. In the now-closed thread titled “Shoehorned black character, why can’t we be Aiden?” Hundreds of disgruntled fans vented their frustrations about how “implausible” it would be for a black person to survive in San Francisco.

“Face at the demographics of San Fran it would be more plausible if I ran as a man or an Asian than some random black dude,” user MentholFox complained. “Considering they make up 6% of the population in SanFran fam.”

Most of the 45 page-long thread is chock full of different reels on the idea that black people somehow don’t make sense as protagonists in general, let alone tech-savvy heroes in the Bay Area. Eventually, the thread was cut down.

Watch-Dogs-2A discourse around the necessity of character customization began with a claim to give actors the power to change Marcus’ race. Another thread—that insisted that it wasn’t trying to be racist—called for the destruction of “social justice warriors” fighting to make games politically correct. A handful of commenters got the very valid counterpoint that traditionally, gamers of color haven’t had the choice to run as anything but white male characters and that Watch_Dogs 2 was a breath of fresh  air.

It rings true that a black person being in the Bay Area might have been moved out of San Francisco and driven to settle down in Oakland and the idea of a young black man being profiled by a police pre-crime algorithm has very strong bases in reality. Racist gamers might not be on board with the story Marcus has to enjoin, but it’s exactly the sort of story that most large-name game houses should be focusing more on.



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  • Hvd

    if you dont like it dont play it.

    • Whilst My Nigga, Whilst.


  • Vulcanproject

    I honestly don’t care if I play as a Tibetan monk hacker kicking ass in Detroit as long as the game is good fun

    • Rizki Putra Perdana

      Couldn’t agree more XD

    • http://batman-news.org Mariano

      I care about both and the game isn’t really good.

  • GeekGI

    Though systematic race conditioning is prevalent around the world, meaning the methodology by which varied races of people are categorized, the more developers expand the protagonist race lines within their video games, the more acceptable it will become.


    Wowhoooooo that’s nasty =)

  • Johanna Peebles

    Oh man! And I was so looking forward to playing a white guy who saves the world, as I have such limited opportunities in video games to do that. /s

  • Dgnfly

    I think ppl were more pissed that the first image showed the protaganist to be asian but considering so much political agenda pushing in gaming todays ppl kinda feel this is forced like with the new Battlefield.

    • datdude

      The first image always showed a black man. If you saw an Asian, that is a you problem. Truth hurts.

      • Dgnfly

        Hey retard this was the reason ppl doubt the facts cause other gaming journalist like to talk before knowing the fact. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/watch-dogs-2s-main-character-could-be-this-guy/1100-6439446/

        This is why gamers feel its more poltically driven and if you don’t like that The ”Truth hurts” doesn’t it buttlord.

        • Blaque

          Dgnfly, So because he (gamespot reporter) saw it a certain way therefor it must be that way in your mind? Honestly that picture reflects a rather ambiguous looking character. The bigger question here is you never once questioned why the author felt the need to speculate the nationality of the character. Like that ever really matters when we’re talking about a video game.

          Does being Asian, European or Black give him some innate special abilities within the game that would deem it necessary to point that out?

          Ordinarily I’d gloss over mentioning of this because truly it doesn’t freaking matter! The simple fact that you and everyone else is up in arms with this or feels the need to justify their apprehension/complaints is baffling and incredibly narrow minded. Art reflects reality, ever heard that phrase?

          Agreed there are times where we tend to be overly PC about some truly regular and mundane crap. I too tire of the PC-maniacs among our midst but I don’t believe this is a true characterization of such an act.

          Get over it… Black people reside in San Fran have been for a long time. Matter fact San Fran is a melting pot of all nationalities. It’s not such an out of the box idea to see a person of any distinction doing something that society would like us to continually believe is primarily affix to one demographic.

          It’s 2016, and is a bit ridiculous such a debate is being made over a video-game.

          • Whilst My Nigga, Whilst.

            Funny how how u butthurt victums develope trigger fingures as a symptom to ur hating disease. I got the cure when ur rdy

          • http://batman-news.org Mariano

            Demagogy and cover true racism is a disease like yours.

          • Dgnfly

            If you had a brain you’d know it wasen’t just gamespot who reported that if you don’t like that fact get in your safespace.

            So you feel butthurt at the fact ppl share a different opinion and feel you need to complain yourself and your justified in your points and can dismiss their just cause it doesen´t suit your needs.

            I don´t give a ass about San fran i´m not even from the U.S for god sake i don´t even give a fuck in general about the game itself same with battelfield i just pointed out what might be the reason but seems ppl always go into butthurt mode when they read something they don´t like.

            There is no actual debate its just ppl screaming white privilege and other ppl palying victim and demanding things to change.

        • datdude

          I repeat…..The first image always showed a black man. If you saw an Asian, that is a you problem. Truth hurts.

          In the pic, the character looks black, and the character is being voiced clearly by a black man as that is who posted the image in the first place. Sorry you cannot connect the dots and have trouble with reality. Again, that is a you problem.

          • Dgnfly

            The first onfo gamer got wasen’t a picture but press screaming he was asian don’t you it you dumbas so ppl expected him to be that and considring enough poltical pushing has been going on its logical for them to be pissed.

          • datdude

            Oh…I see. You’re one of those who believe everything you read or hear, never getting any actual information for yourself, expecting everything to be spoon fed to you in tiny little morsels…got it. You’re easily confused and misled. My apologies. You have my sympathy.

          • Dgnfly

            Moron more Gaming website posted the Asian guy theme if you weren;’t that retarded you’d know. but then again you most likely excuse for anything against black ppl is ” THE MAN” cause that’s what you black folks blame everything on.

            Don’t need sympathy from a person who can’t think in a bigger picture then what he wants to hear.

          • datdude

            Let me reiterate….
            Oh…I see. You’re one of those who believe everything you read or hear, never getting any actual information for yourself, expecting everything to be spoon fed to you in tiny little morsels…got it. You’re easily confused and misled. My apologies. You have my sympathy.

          • Dgnfly

            I can see you got a case of verbal diarrhoea and act like your on the high ground considering i only offerd my thought on it but your moron ass thinks i actually care about the damn game.

          • datdude

            And I can see you can’t spell diarrhea and don’t know when to use you’re versus your…..and then refer to others as morons. Stupid is as stupid does son. Better luck in your next life.

          • Dgnfly

            Well unlike your retarded mind i can actually speak more then 2 language’s how many can you?

          • datdude

            I suggest you concentrate on mastering one language….you’re spreading your capabilities too thin.

          • Dgnfly

            I suggest you go work in a circus cause your Barely made a useful argument then acting like a clown.

          • datdude

            Good luck with your infirmities….they are significant. You have my sympathy.

          • Dgnfly

        • BillyHoWCR

          Sorry but simply because a journalist misidentifies an obvious Black man to be Asian does not make it so. Even funnier is the image grab is from a tweet from thekingcort who motion capped for the character and is in fact Black.

          • Dgnfly

            True but ppl don´t always dig in deeper so in plain view it looks like they altered it. Also the fact he is a mo-caps says nothing cosndiering a lot of white folks mo-capped other races in games for the sake of saving cost.

    • mystogan

      But I don’t understand. Do people just want all videogame protagonists to be white forever? pretend black people and other races don’t exist? More variation is a good thing IMO. It represents the real world. White people aren’t the only race. I will never understand these people.

      • Dgnfly

        No ppl are just tired of shuffling in race for the sake of political correctness, and nowadays it get done just for the sake of diversity. cause if ppl really worried about playing another race that would mean GTA san andreas would have flopped in sales and ppl would have made a big deal at prototype 2 suddently having a black protagonist.

        Take battlefield for instance the biggest amount of fighting was done by white ppl not blacks so why focus on the minority entirely instead of mixing up the missions?

        I think with political climate its kinda hard to make a black hero seeing as how many BLM thugs are just assaulting white ppl and cops and some keep calling genocide on white ppl while media ignores it.

        Its more a poltical thing ppl are outraged about and less of a race thing, but ppl always make it about race so it becomes more of a click-bait for media company’s and there is a lot of profits for so called victims for example just look at Shawn king the fake black guy and Anita the fake gamergirl that makes tons of money playing victim 24/7.

        • mystogan

          But who says this is for the sake of Political correctness? why does every game featuring a black guy get accused of being PC? Devs can’t make a game with a black guy and not get accused of being PC anymore. And you say “just for the sake of diversity” as if that’s a bad thing.
          Of course a focus on black people wouldn’t make sense in world war 1 games and nobody is doing that. But Why do people have a problem with a black guy in san Francisco? it doesn’t make sense. It just comes down to racism if you ask me.

          • Dgnfly

            The whole reason journalist screamed he´s a asian at first made ppl think it was poltical correctness and there is a agenda behind it, kinda like how ppl hate the fact that Drake got his ass handed to him by a black woman. I do have to say most ppl weren´t mad about her being a black woman but mostly were mad at the fact that Drake coulden´t hit a single punch meaning that female chracters now get immune to damage or else Feminists go mental and say it encourages wife beating kinda like with the X-men billboard.

            If that were true then that would mean they would have done it during the Ps2 era when there were more diverse games with blakc protaganist but the reason most are white is cause it sells more and makes the character more believable cause its kidna hard to see a culure that is deep with gangsta shit as a hero.

            More diversity isen´t bad but ithe problem is we can´t be assured anymore with corrupt jounalist and game devs trying to push a agenda and ppl won´t stand for that.

            From what i read the single player campain of Battlfield will focus on what black soldiers.did during WW1, I think nobody would have Cared if BLM diden´t try to use Race as a card to get away with either crimes or hate speech and consdiering they condone killing of cops it would mean they are less likely to be a hero.

            Ppl love to use racist nowadays to shut other ppl up, i think its mostly the white ppl in the U.S are tired of the black community whining about wanting everything to be equal but at the same time they demand special things like children or demand succes while not wanting to work towards it.

        • Evan_Beezy

          Tell me how you know the difference between a character being a certain race just bc vs it being part of some political agenda. Then answer the question, if the political agenda is to make games more like the real world by showing different races why would it be bad if a political agenda appeals to common sense.

          • Dgnfly

            Depends on what is common sense black groups like BLM throw it out the window for the sake of getting something out of it with diversity standards.

            It won´t be more like the real world considreing i don´t hear many black ppl on media calling for common sense wwith black on black crime but mostly deny it outright or ignore this fact so its kinda hard to take it all serious that way.

            Also its kinda hard to be sure like i said Game madia screamed he´s asian so most ppl believed that and considering all Devs jump to main Black protaganist is kinda weird especialy with the Nutjob situations in U.S collega´s and things like this happening.

            Also you folks attack your own if they aren´t single minded and start to make sense with the whole race thing, meaning its kinda hard to take a black protagonist serious. its kinda brought upon by other black ppl cause most BLM are nothing but thugs.

        • Bernadette Jackson

          I figure that if race is gonna be a factor then make him a minority. So tired of seeing the default race as White. Yeah, it might be political correctness, but if a person is a real gamer and not butt hurt over race they will get over it.

          Also, last I checked BLM is nothing like the KKK, so until they are burning crosses and killing folks in the streets in jobs maybe you need to stop watching FOX News and play this game.

          • Aaron blanchard

            True. Cop cars and public property are nothing. People’s businesses are nothing. Your Fox News is showing. Time you wake up and crawl out of your pity pot. If your tired of always being a white character play NINTENDO!!! And leave real video games to the adults who can decipher the real world from the games we play. Do this and maybe you wouldn’t be as pathetic as you sound.

          • Bernadette Jackson

            You are working way too hard to be wrong. If your little wittle gamer sensibilities are singed by a Black character then get over it! Either buy the game or don’t, but shut up about what you clearly can’t comprehend.

            I actually don’t care about cop cars, public property, or people’s businesses compared to human lives. Time you slide off Donald Trump’s tumescent hemroids and stop whining about one freaking character!

            If this is what gets your dander up you really are weak. lol

          • Aaron blanchard

            Yes its evident you don’t care about anything except yourself and your propaganda your spewing across people who can see your a racist. And I never once complained about the character, I was actually saying who cares, but your ignorance is blind. I hope one day you can care about all aspects of human life. The businesses we use to sustain life, the police cars used to help preserve life and the public property that we live in during our lives. You want to make a difference to save life’s?? Go volunteer at your local shelter or pick up heroin needles in the park. Don’t come on here and say you care about human life because you are trying to destroy human life by spending your racist hate propaganda to people like me who know its you who’s weak and are always trying to blame others for your misguided ways. As for your Trump comments…. I’m in Canada. I’m a Canadian. So what gives??? There you go… making assumptions without factual evidence and proven wrong. Now listen its Sunday and why should we fight against each other? I’m a white male and I’m guessing your a middle aged African American woman. Its seems our views might be different but after everything is said and done we want fairness and equal rights for all races across the board. We don’t want to hate, at least I don’t, and we all need to take responsibility for our own lives but without doing it like animals. Its to bad your so hostile. You seem like you could be a nice person.

          • Bernadette Jackson

            I can agree that we both want fairness and equal rights for all races. I also agree that it’s Sunday and we shouldn’t argue when I can have a nice slice of quiche and play sudoku instead. 😊

          • Aaron blanchard

            Had a great day, hope you did too. Tomorrow is Monday. Can we argue again then?? Lol, jk. Take it easy.

        • lomsha

          Blm thugs assaulting cops? How about the thug cops brutalizing and killing minorities? Gtfoh

          • Aaron blanchard

            Seek an education please. You just look like a fool. Seriously….. it’s you who needs to Gtfoh and get off the smack, and save for a library pass, get to a computer and get educated on who’s killing who in black communities. Either that or put a badge on and get a job in Chicago. Until then shut up and keep watching Ellen reruns while eating tofu.

        • Ay Hallelu

          Dgnfly, I’m African American and well educated graduated from college with honors I believe in BLM, I have no record and experience those hardships.
          I think your statements are not supported by facts.
          You said “think with political climate its kinda hard to make a black hero seeing as how many BLM thugs are just assaulting white ppl and cops?” True violence against cops has increased in 2016, but over 70 percent of the people responsible are Caucasian.

          “Some keep calling genocide on white ppl”
          That’s just not an informed statement because last time i checked, white people killed over 300 million africans and stripped our land of all of it’s gold and valuable resources during slavery.
          Okay I’m predicting you complain that I pulled out the slavery card, but how about the modern slavery that began when the leaders of black Wallstreet were assassinated by the government and now they systematically oppress the african American race.
          You also stated “media ignores it.”
          Media ignores the 70 percent Caucasians that are killing cops but will show every black male that commits the crime bc its owned by Caucasians. It is a tactic used to shape your perception about us.
          When you look at the true history it’s hard to imagine a white person as a hero since they killed off the native Americans and took their land and forced us to come here although white history will tell you that we came willingly. Not true. I’ve been to Africa to learn the truth.

          • Dgnfly

            Show me the facts not your dumbass assestments if you have fact you msut have links towards them or are you just pulling everything out of your ass like BLM. Also its kinda obvious considering twice as much white ppl then black something BLM likes to bulslhit around but only BLM screams about killing cops on purpose.

            Also the fact they show more black is cause they are a minority with
            above 50 procent of the crime in the U.S so it´s kinda obviously shows
            who actually does most of the crime then.

            I can also see you can´t actually make a valid argument cause your alrdy using you victim card about something you know nothing about, and you weren´t even there when there was slavery but shoulden´t you be whining at arab worlds also they enslave even more then the whites
            Also nice how you inflate then number by pulling it your of your ass.
            Arabs enslaved even more black african about 18 million.

            I love hypocritics like you who whine aobut slavery while there is still slavery in other countries so instead on focus on that you´d rather use the victim card so you can feel better about yourself. and considering most of these countries that use slaves are run by black its pretty hypocritical isen´t it to whine about soemthing your own ppl do today.

            With true history i take it the one made up to make it look like your owed something for something you diden´t even experience first hand.

          • Ay Hallelu

            …..ummm 300 million is greater than 18 million so no inflation needed.

            …… also none of the sources you use are credible

            …..and you didn’t use a proper format either so you earn an “F” in both history and Math

            I would educate you by providing actual book references but then I’d be teaching you for free. That’s practically slavery!!!

            Meanwhile, enjoy being black on watchdogs and make sure you continue to pray to black Jesus.

            Also respect your Daddy because he’s black, since according to scientists that the earliest humans came from Africa!

            You do know we are capable of producing white people? Go read a few books.

          • Dgnfly

            Have fun with your victim card and delusional mind hope the cops get you eventually. also retard i don´t give a ass abotu the game considering i wasen´t even planning on buying watchdogs 2 from the start.

            I like how you use verbal diarrhea with Zero fact in statistics.

          • Ay Hallelu

            Lol. Love it.

          • Miley not so circus

            Cool , I have been to my ancestors country as well , Scotland . We were slaves to the British and lived under tyrannical rule and although I enjoy my history and seeing where I can from it dosnt shape who I am or who I am going to be . With every passing year my argument of how my great great great cousin William Wallace was dismboweld by the king of Engalnd gets less and less effective. When my ancestors moved here in 1886 they brought no slaves nor used any slaves . I am a proud white male and I am very tired of black people
            Telling me how guilty I should feel for their great great great grandfathers suffering .

      • Luke N

        Since 80% of people playing games are white – yeah, we do want to play as non exotic race.

        • mystogan

          what about the 20% do we just pretend they don’t exist?

    • Agent_Blade

      Good to see ya again rachnera-san and yes I agree. Didn’t think people would be pissed with this but people are people.

      • Dgnfly

        Ppl will bitch even when you trying to debate it civilized, sadly i wasen´t hoping this would drag on but some nutjobs just keep getting into the conversation bringing zero fact but just insults and their victims card.

        • Agent_Blade

          Sadly this is true.

        • Bernadette Jackson

          I agree. There’s nothing sadder than White guys bitching about one Black character on a video game. They are dropping victim cards left and right. It would be like me crying rivers if a White basketball player got a shoe deal. Smh lol

          I’m sure we will all survive after this travesty.

          • Dgnfly

            Butthurt much? or can’t take the fact you need a race card to begin with.

          • Bernadette Jackson

            “Black people use the race card on EVERYTHING”? Your view is clearly skewed. If you had written “sometimes” I might agree with you. But “on everything” is so clearly not true.

            History is not kind to White people because you are shown to be incredibly violent, inhumane, and brutish at best. No need to pull race cards about that. LOL Nevertheless, more often than not I rise above to see the human and not the race. I have White friends. I don’t pull the race card frivolously unless it’s called for.

            I agree that young Black Americans glorify gangster culture in much the same way that White kids were once into punk music and are steeped in emo culture. But it’s not indicative of the whole race.

            But clearly you don’t really know Black people or you wouldn’t spew such ignorance. I guess that based on TV that all White people are acne-ridden serial killers, college rapists, and school shooters?

            Poor White people pull the race card all the time because race alone no longer gets them as far as they used to be. That’s why they cry for the good old days. And they get mad at Black and Brown folks like it’s our fault that wealthy White folks took your good factory jobs overseas. And now here they are nominating a guy who inherited his wealth and is so out of touch with their lives as the Republican nominee because he’s lied about bringing jobs back! Yall whine and cry and have fits over your guns in little militia groups out in the woods. Until BLM Black people didn’t even picket in general! LOL

            I’m Black and I don’t care Black criminals get killed in the course of committing crime. Get them off the streets! But a routine traffic stop shouldn’t get people beaten or killed. White militias have long recorded cops trying to take away their civil liberties but the second Black folks complain about the same thing it’s pulling the race card?! GTFOH!!!!

          • Dgnfly

            Also the you are shown is bullshit considering i’m not american i’m european so trying to make me a american so you could feel better aobut your comment doesen’t work on me. And like you stated you use the race card when it suits your need but not for actual logic reason but more as to get favors out of it like the student at Depaul did after milo yiannopoulos speech.

            Difference between the 2 is our side isen’t encouraging ppl to kill eachother in droves or the cops just for the sake of feeling your owed anything or because of like i said ”The man is out to get you” another myth in the black community that makes kids think they’ll never be anybody even if they try.

            Sorry but we unlike the black community don’t care what happens to our criminals white the black community actually acts like they are martyrs liek with Micheal brown that has been shown to have attacked the officer yet BLM made it into propoganda while Black gangsta that did a drive by and killed a 7year old black girl get’s left in the dirt.

            Sorry but you must be mistaken white ppl don’t have a race card considering there aren’t any white only college’s or other benefits that are only for black not to mention racial racial quota’s that exist.
            Also no the fact White folks want the god old days is cause majority crime still get’s done by black and hispanics only white’s are the ones that get shot dead the most by cops.

            Sorry but i can bet your ass your a hilary fan that wants to give all your rights to company’s with the TPP and TIPP considering Obama made it possible soon for company’s to sue the nation for losses made if new laws are introduced. so basicly all American presidential candidates are just as corrupt as Donald trump.

            Also there is nothing racist about wanting to keep illegals out, if they were law abiding citizen they shoulden’t have problems applying for the right paper work cause now in europe there are masses of africans and arabs doing rape and the media covering it up how is that for mass illegal immigration.

            Like i said retard i’m not american you folks always assume anything without actually knowing the facts about a persons background. Occupy wasen’t calling for cop killing nor did they kill any cops there have alrdy been ppl convicted that killed cops because BLM told them to do it. that’s the difference between occupy and BLM they don’t scream kill cops, kill white ppl.

            Sorry but most unjust police beating are because the driver either refuses to comply and seeing as with gangsta culure most blacks carry gun it’s no wonder the cops are heavy handed who wants to get shot in the face with a routine traffic stop.

            Like i said White militias aren’t odering cop killings or black genocide Even 1 of BLM co-founder advocated to kill white ppl so it kinda shows what kinda organization it actually is.

          • Bernadette Jackson

            I don’t believe you are European. I know Europeans and a variety of hon-Americans and the almost never parcel there opinions by race. It’s often “Americans,” not “Blacks.” Not to say that they can’t be racist or have opinions on American racism, but they almost never go into the weeds of it because their issues are about America as a whole.

            You are so slow. American militias have had a victim complex for generations. The KKK is predicated on being victims of non-Whites despite centuries of being American terrorists.

            And you are in such a bubble that you completely ignored my comment about not caring about Black criminals. You care way more about Black criminals then White criminals who are exponentially worst. You all are the serial killers, the bombers, the the whit collar criminals who still millions and billions from countries. But you are freaking out about Black gangsters in Black neighnorhoods? Oh, they are hortible, just like White gangsters that still run illegal activities today.

            Criminality occurs in every ethnic group, but the whole point of BLM is that cops should be going after criminals not harrassing, beating, and killing citizens for non-illegal activity. A traffic stop shouldn’t land you in jail, especially when you have done nothing illegal! White people have been talking about the loss of their civil liberties for decades but when Black people talk about the exact same issues it doesn’t compute? Hell yeah I cry racism!

            You keep saying you are sorry, which I wholeheartedly agree with. You are a sorry @ss human being! Go learn your history. Even after desegregation there were still White-only educational institutions. Black schools exist because of segregation. Black TV stations exist because 90% of television is White.

            You are sorry and wrong (again) because I’m not Hillary fan. I’m into Bernie. But yes, all American presidents are as corrupt like Donald Trump. The 1% builds them that way.

            Yet again you are sorry and wrong: I do have a problem with illegal immigration. I know too many American immigrants who did the hard work to get into this country legally to think one should get a pass by coming here on a tourist visa and then just never leaving. If you have a kid in this country then you take your American child and go back home until they can live in this country independently.

            You slow minded, vitriolic victim! You clearly get your information about BLM from FOX News. I’m not getting hazard pay to weed through the marshes of your stupidity to drop your thirst mind more than a few droplets of truth.

            It cracks me up that you dare to say that most Black people carry guns when it’s White gun owners who make the NRA an unofficial sponsor of most school shootings! Ha!

            So you can recognize the “unjust police beatings” but fail to connect that there are laws in place to protect the civil liberties of citizens? You don’t have to do just anything a cop says unless it’s accord to the law. The police aren’t justified in having you get out of your car, searching it, or seizing your ite,s without cause. Hell, you shouldn’t even be stopped without cause or if there is an emergency. And despite that there are plenty of cases where cops stop Black and White citizens and are caught on camera engaging in illegal behavior! YouTube it!

            I have a close friend whose family members are in militias and they are doing way more than just calling for the deaths of cops. Man you are so out of touch with reality! LOL smh

          • Dgnfly

            I’m dutch so if it eases your mind keep your deluded idea i’m just voicing my mind on the situation if that triggers you please get to your closes safespace.

            KK isen’t as big as black ppl think neither are they glorified by white ppl unlike black ppl glorifiying they extreme groups like the black panthers and now BLM with its White genocide and its Cop killing.

            Sorry retard most murders are still commited by blacks not whites we might havemore serial killer but they don’t even get close to what blacks kill in a day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksRB4faMU7o

            I’m not calling out you not minded black criminals being killed i just pointed out that your lying organisation BLM feels it needed to glorify a criminal while a 7 year old black girl getting killed by a stray bullet by other blacks on a drive by so i question what you feel is more important i think the 7 year old girl not the criminals that BLM are now using as martyrs.

            Sorry but your group BLM is screaming for more segregation as if that will change anything.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl7Q36V9pg4

            Bernie socialism is a joke and will bankrupt the country considering there are barely any jobs left so there is no Tax going into national healthcare so only thing with that is you gonna be as bankrupt as
            Argentina where ppl are now starving because of those policy’s.

            Your idea on immigration is wishful thinking and not even factual considering there is also a large army of illegals killing ppl in the U.S which thanks to the open door policy can go in and out cause you can’t police the good and the bad.

            Your just butthurt that the Fact show how racist the group is and its nothing more then lazy ppl wanting entitlements or else instead of looting and destroying stuff they’d just get a damn job and with the army of children out of wedlock.

            Sorry but white ppl don’t do driveby constantly neither are the the majority gang murders its mostly black so who is killing more with guns Blacks not whites. you just don’t wanna hear these facts like so many black ppl denying the gact black kill massivly more blacks cause then you’d have to face the hard reality of it all.

            I know the rules for police conduct and i also know there woulden’t be a problem if ppl just listened instead of always wanna play the hardass gangsta bullshit that most black ppl always do. and considering you feel anybody should just do what they do deal drugs from their car as long as there ain’t a emergency.

            Its true that police brutality is high in america but what you like to ignore that there are more then enough police offcers getting shot while routine traffic stop and now thanks to BLM excution style murders on cops cause BLM glorifies anybody who kills cops.

            And there have even been more confirms but offcourse your gonna blame it as a media conspiracy created by ”THE MAN”

            What i’m doing is telling the truth which some ppl don’t wanna hear the whole reason white ppl think so lowely of blacks is cause you refuse to see facts for what they are. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/11/28/5-devastating-facts-black-black-crime/

            Echt waar, mensen zo als jouw maken de wereld alleen maar achterlijker met al die waanideeen.

          • Bernadette Jackson

            Wow, you wasted your life right there writing a bunch of delusional sh!t. LOL

          • Bernadette Jackson

            I pity you your flagrant racism and delusions. You convince me of nothing and I lack the energy to give a darn what you think, so keep thinking the worst. I lose nothing. :)

          • Dgnfly

            I know too ppl like you facts are racist! Especialy when they debunk the Im black so i’m a victim rhetoric, And the other one ”THE MAN” is out to get you bullshit. Also nice try doing dutch but that’s not how we would say it.

            Als je nou verstand had dan had je moeten weten dat je zin werkelijk nergens op slaat. denk eerder dat jij vol stront zit met jouw waanideeen.

            Maar tegenwoordig wil het zwarte bevolking niets anders dan slachtoffer speelen want hard werk blijkt te veel werk voor ze en als in een welvaart staat kunnen ze op hun lui krent zitten en van de economie meevreten.

            Vaarwel gek heb eerder medelijde met jou en je slachtoffer status.

          • Bernadette Jackson

            You can write as much as you want in Dutch. I don’t know what you are saying and don’t really care. lol You u got my point. I don’t really care about yours. :)

          • Dgnfly

            If you diden’t care why write in the first place cause it shows how butthurt you are by the facts i present.

          • Haspic12

            God i love being white

            That’s all you people are idiots,killers think you have some privilege and deserve free stuff stupid slutbag.

            Do you know how much is 9+10.

          • Bernadette Jackson

            I’m glad you love being white. I love being Black! Clearly I’ve hurt your feelings, which makes me happy. Every insult from you is proof that you are losing in life.

            You must be poor too, because rich white people can afford to not care about race. So sad for you! Thats why i only befriend upper class, educated white people. Poor white people are so bitter and butthurt. :(

            I’m going to go enjoy my great life with my Black privilege and free shit! LOL


          • Haspic12

            Don’t worry when Trump enters white house then what are you gonna do with your E.B.T and food stamps.

            No wonder they call black People stupid so because i’m white i have to be rich too stupid retard.

            I have to bring the race card Since you always bring it.
            Who the hell would Befriend you when they see a black person they won’t tell you but they think

          • Bernadette Jackson

            Okay. LOL

            It’s hilarious that you are so butt hurt. You’ve been saving those insults huh? Ohhhh, burn! LOL You’re funny.

          • Haspic12

            Wauuu should i be butthurt i work 2 jobs to pay for my tuition and help my mom and i have to pay taxes so your community gets my money for free and they don’t do anything.

            All you say is Mah Keedz baby Mah Keedz and you want free stuff.
            So why shouldn’t i be butthurt of course i’m butthurt

            I work my ass off to get something out of my life what does you community do,they get E.B.T and fuck like monkeys to get inbreeds out of there pussies so they can get more entitlements.

            I’m wondering do you even know who is your father.

          • Bernadette Jackson

            U bent vol stront.

          • Bernadette Jackson

            U zitten vol met uitwerpselen.

          • Miley not so circus

            I saw those videos of the KKK rioting and looting , it was crazy ..

          • Miley not so circus

            “Larry bird” , don’t hate

    • Travis Morton

      I think a lot of people are pissed that they are not continuing the story of the previous game they setup and instead going for what all new games go for, micro-transaction hipster trash.

    • Whilst My Nigga, Whilst.

      Nah u cant over think it. Ppl are just racist, its that simple.

      • Aaron blanchard

        Yeah pal. You’ve proven that. ….oh geez…… I just insulted a black guy. I must be a racist. Oh gee, golly…… we are all racists because Whilst My Nigga says we are. No proof that we all are but he’s cryin foul…. we are all racist without evidence of racism because my nigga says so. You know they say you learn something new everyday. Today Mr.Nigga taught us all that we are racists because why?????? Just because….. that’s why. Thank you Mr. n’Nigga……. do you want to see a racist????? Go look in the mirror.

        • Dgnfly

          It´s no use they like to use the Victim card to shut ppl up no actual logic behind most of them also they like to throw facts out the window.

        • Whilst My Nigga, Whilst.

          Ur so hurt cuz i see who u really are. Stop the hate and lets love one other. Btw ur race is dying in the u.s so u gotta choose blk or spanish.

          • Aaron blanchard

            No problem, no hate hear brother. No matter what color you are, we are cool. And I’m Canadian.

  • wombat

    Can’t find any examples. Fucking pathetic “journalism” right there. Literally no one gives a shit about the main characters skin color.

    Gamers care about gameplay, nothing else. If you don’t get that, get the fuck away from gaming.

  • Larry Wright

    Almost all gamers could care less who the main character is as long as they have some emotion unlike that robot Aiden.

    Off topic…Mafia 3 has a badass character and he’s not white. Super excited for that game. I’ll wait for reviews on WD2 cuz Ubi can’t be trusted. I fell for it the first time but never again.

    • DrunkSuperman

      exactly havent seen any negatives to Mafias 3 character

      • mystogan

        I actually have. There is always these sick people. that think somehow color matters.

  • DrunkSuperman

    i dont mind him being black i mind him being a douche bag hipster

    • Travis Morton

      Not liking douche bag hipsters apparently is the same thing as being racist.

      • mystogan

        I don’t see why everyone is calling him a hipster, These are pretty normal clothes for a young man. I don’t think half of you even know what a hipster is. Besides Aiden was walking around with a trenchcoat looking like some kinda pedophile pervert.

        • Travis Morton

          The main trailer for the game is a bunch of punk ass characters, it looks so generic. I wasn’t even thinking of the race of the characters until this article.

          • Whilst My Nigga, Whilst.

            Stop hating

          • Travis Morton

            The generic microtransactions every game is coming out with is generating the hate. Not gonna lie I wasn’t into any of the characters in the first Watch Dogs but at least it felt like it was for adults. I still don’t think race is the real reason people are calling out this game unless they are trolls.

          • Whilst My Nigga, Whilst.

            Why u lying to ur self. European americans built this country on race. It was about race till 40 yrs ago. Wtf u saying. U must be racists

          • Travis Morton

            Yeah because of the way people acted decades and centuries ago that must mean my 22 year old self is the same because I’m white. God damn when are people going to wake up and realize there are racist people from every race and just because your white doesn’t mean you discriminate based on race.

          • Whilst My Nigga, Whilst.

            Stfu Your racist not everybody just ur race. Read ur ppls history and ull know just how racist ur ppl are foh

          • Travis Morton

            I mean my grandfather is half native american but let’s be real my nigga you are racist.

          • Whilst My Nigga, Whilst.

            Lol ur funny. I cant take u serious when u say things like that. I sure that delusion of yours makes u sleep at night. Go watch roots then tell me im racist again.

          • Travis Morton

            What’s roots?

          • Whilst My Nigga, Whilst.

            thats wht i thought

          • Travis Morton

            I really don’t know what it is.

          • Whilst My Nigga, Whilst.

            Watch it then come back to me.

          • Miley not so circus

            Are you black ?

          • Whilst My Nigga, Whilst.

            U purple?

          • Miley not so circus

            I am white . I do not understand the seemingly hostile response . I am writing a book on social subjects and it is difficult to determine your race by your post .

          • Tummus The Goat

            You’re* Go back to school retard!

          • WS – Beverly Hills detective


          • http://batman-news.org Mariano

            You WANT others to be racist, and you see racists everywhere because you are an idiot an a racist too, but racist agaisnt other races.

          • http://batman-news.org Mariano

            How do you fucking know “its hating”, and you don’t hate anything? lie idiot.

          • Whilst My Nigga, Whilst.

            I hate u, so fuck off my scrotum.

        • Travis Morton

          Actually watching it again, they made anonymous look like badasses when they are the complete opposite. The first game had people that actually looked capable of using guns but could also hack the city.

        • Ceeroc

          Most people don’t know what Hipsters are. Marcus dresses more urban/hip hop.

          • http://batman-news.org Mariano

            Looks stupid and is stupid. That’s all. MAfia 3 black man is a fucking badass character. Like Samuel L Jackson. This “racism” thing is like feminazis, is going all semi nazi demagogy thing.

    • Cody McKrell

      Came here to say EXACTLY what you said. Dude just looks goofy as all hell in every offical photo ubi has. I was very excited to see regular looking clothes being an option to players that dont want to stare at stupid fashion trends on the character we play.

      F anybody who has a problem with the protag being black, though.

    • http://batman-news.org Mariano


  • Jason Mounce

    Racism and sexism will always exist, and who also ‘happen to be gamers’.

    We can’t just yell out BUT ITS [/CURRENT YEARRRRRR!] and think that means they’ll go away. Conflict is? A Difference. Differences always exist, and so long as differences are around, conflict such as racism will also exist.

  • JohnnyP

    Delicious. I love all the butthurt. Keep it coming. xD

    • YabaX1

      are you a fucking nigger?

      • JohnnyP

        Yes, negro here. Are you ignorant whitetrash?

        • YabaX1

          nah i’m not a white trash but whites are trash, i’m little bit nigger, little bit white , little bit yellow, i think it is called brown. however, i didn’t mean to insult you rather than a side joke to get on your nerves 😀

  • datdude

    The tiny penis, tiny life brigade is upset? Are they ever not? Hence their massive frustration and miniscule education.

  • Nishi Hundan

    Jesus, is there a bigger loser than those faggot ass gay gamers? Fat, ugly, still a virgin, have not hope in life–they should all kill themselves.

  • Mark Woolfson

    Totally Absurd !

  • omarcominyo

    Some people really are shallow

  • MoreFreedomLessFreeloaders

    After you hear one of the devs give their black thugs matter speech as the reason for creating this type of protagonist you shouldn’t support it either. There’s nothing racist about being against blatant SJW agenda garbage. But go ahead and be just another race card playing loser.

    • mystogan

      Devs can’t make a black character without being accused of being PC these days. SMH.

      • MoreFreedomLessFreeloaders

        That’s absolute bullshit and you know it. Telltale did just fine with black protagonists because they didn’t create them to suit some agenda. Go look up the interview with the watch dog 2 dev where he spews his “poor black people” b.s..

        • mystogan

          who cares? how many white characters are white “just because”? Why do black characters need a good reason to be black?

          • Ebola-Chan✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

            They don’t need a reason to be black. However, it’s the reason why they’re black which is making people upset about it. There’s a difference between no reason and a bad reason.

          • mystogan

            That’s some bullshit man. Do you hear yourself talking?

          • Ebola-Chan✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

            No, because I am typing. Not a single word came out of my mouth.

            Also, I don’t see how it’s bullshit. A bad reason is worse than no reason. If you were to make a character black because it fit into the story or because you felt like it then I doubt many people would complain. Make the character black because you feel like you need a token black character and people will be upset when you tell them that. There’s really no reason to use the color of someone’s skin as a political tool in order to gain some brownie points with “journalists”.

          • mystogan

            A bad reason is subjective. You might think its a bad reason but Ubi thinks its a good reason so your argument is bullshit.
            IMO if you’re looking for a reason that this character is black but don’t do the same for white characters, you’re just a racist.

          • Ebola-Chan✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

            I don’t care what color a character’s skin is. I just don’t like bad reasons for it(hence the whole “no reason is better than a bad reason” thing I keep repeating). The character you start as in State of Decay happens to be black but they never seemed to try explaining why. I like that. He’s a regular guy trying to survive a zombie apocalypse and he happens to be black. I was pretty devastated when he died on my first file because I actually grew attached to him as a character.

            If a game developer said that the main character had to be white because of some terrible reason then I’d have the same response. I don’t have to relate to a character to get immersed but when there’s a terrible reason for some aspect of a game then I’ll be reminded of it every time I see it(and it’ll break my immersion). If it happens to be the main character then I’ll always be reminded of it(unless I somehow become desensitized to it).

          • mystogan

            I understand what you’re saying but why do you have a problem with this character? Ubisoft never gave a reason why this character is black. Yet people are already labeling them as being too PC. Any time a black character appears as the lead character in a game they accuse the developer of being PC except when they are stereotypical criminals like in Gta san Andreas, GTA5 and Mafia 3. Halo 5 is the only major game I can think of that has a black main character and is not a criminal.

          • Ebola-Chan✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

            I don’t know enough about the character to have a problem with him. In fact, I’ll probably end up liking him more than Aiden in the end because Aiden was a shitty character(in my opinion). I remember seeing an article about an interview a while ago which explained why the main character was black this time around but I can’t find it anymore. It’s possible that it was retracted but IDK. I can barely remember what it was about now. I just remember that it essentially boiled down to inserting a black character because they didn’t want to be accused of racism.

            Chances are that I’ll forget about it by the time I play the game so I guess it doesn’t matter now.

        • Miley not so circus

          It’s called white guilt

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      literally JUST as @ingiomarmartina:disqus said… why DOES there need to be a reason for a character to be black..? :S just in the same why does there NEED to be whit/female or anything else..?

  • Jason Coddington

    People should care about the game being better then the first and not what color the guy you play as is. People just can’t stop getting butt hurt over every little thing today.

  • MegaByte

    There are not that many black dudes in san fran. I dont wanna be a hipster memekid retard. The first one was trash too. When is polygon gonna run this story?

  • realmadpuppy

    who cares what race a protagonists is in a game, as long as all the pieces of the game come together and it is fun and challenging to play.

  • Raoh shiro

    How about representing America’s biggest ethnic minorities: Latinos, or the Caribbean variety: Hispanics, or America’s smallest minority race, Asian’s? You know what would make the most sense, making him someone that actually fits the profile of the average American hacker in the bay area, (a White, American Male!) Truth is, the American people are honestly tired of pandering to BLM sympathizers and politically correct SJW’s. Look at what it’s costing people at the other side of the Atlantic, total chaos! War could actually be brewing from liberal ignorance and foreign hostility, and no amount of pandering is going to fix it!

  • Aaron blanchard

    Racism in gaming again….. E3 is here soon everybody, we won’t have to hear this garbage again. The character could have been any race and someone’s going to cry foul. Social media and SJW are rampant and destroying everything we find precious. Movie’s, games, and women that actually listen. And gamers of color who have supposedly had to tolerate playing white characters until recently should have their heads checked if it actually bugged them to the point that they cried “Racism….. I’m always white in my video games!!!”. And watch what will happen next. You will be able to customize your skin color in upcoming first person shooter games and people will cry racism in multiplayer matches for Caucasian people shooting other races. In Watch Dogs part one the character is white. In Watch Dogs part two your black. WHATS THE BIG DEAL!!!!!! These are video games!!!!! Games….. not real, made up, make believe. This article is blatantly calling others racist without really knowing one’s stand on other races and judging them based on a couple comment’s. Anyway, when playing other’s in video games I don’t care what skin color your are. I just care about killing you first. Then I care about tea bagging your digital video game body while laughing hysterically.

  • Bernadette Jackson

    Racists will get over it. I look forward to more games with customizable characters then White male gamers can pretend to be Black and/or female because we know you want to! LOL j/k

  • ChatWraithShichi

    “Racists don’t like black_________” Who gives a fuck about racists though?

    This is not an article.

    What are you going to write next? “Mysoginists still don’t like tomb raider” ?

  • Arapahoe

    I’m not getting sunset over theft auto dogs anyway. Looks boring

  • Bilal Prince-Ali

    why the hell should ANYONE care if the character is white black male female! It’s just the character.. it doesn’t impede the game..?

    It’s not one of those period pieces like Mafia 3 where being a man of colour is ACTUAL integral to the story and gameplay mechanics… *sigh* the world we live in.

    Let’s just be clear.. these guys are racists but at the end of the day.. the anonymity of being behind a screen grants them immunity so lets face it NO ONE CARES WHAT RACISTS AVE TO SAY!

    • Miley not so circus

      Ow gawd a chic ?! That’s just too much

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  • WildWrath

    Let them be pissed fucking living beings, however I want to design my characters because this game tries to be realistic but gives us predefined character

  • Aishik Bhattacharjee

    I don’t understand why why gaming communiy are acting like this….Just horrible. I loved the trailer and the new character and I m gonna buy it…

  • sage

    Is it wrong to want the character to look like ourselves?
    I only ever see black people in media, if the character was white so many people in countries outside of the US would be able to imagine they’re playing through their home city. It loses association with our real lives when the character is a minority.

  • Sauce Minion

    LOL, already seeing racist mods coming out for this game…

  • prodigal unicorn

    hashtag douchebg hashtag peiceofshit and also gotoracisthell.com :)

  • YabaX1

    not only he is a nigger, he is a gay nigger according to sources.

  • Leticia Queiroz

    Im angry because its not Aiden …this guy color don’t matter to me what matter its that he is just a arrogant brat having fun like a retard.
    Aiden was badass and had a real reason…

    • Miley not so circus

      At the beach when he meets the dedsec crew is when I was done . The color of his skin is fine but I have never been around programmers that every other word is fuck and they sputterd constant lip bumping trash

  • Mads Sune Hanelius

    Soo, because you love your own race more than other races, that automatically makes you hate every other race? Does that also mean that because you love your own children more than any other children, you automatically hate every other children?

  • Richard Ford

    Nigger programmer? That’s heavy science fiction right there)))

    • Stephanie Hallberg

      what about afro-american transgendered councilwoman?

      • Richard Ford

        Sorry, not interested what other insane shit they added, haven’t played the game, nor do I plan to. They should go bankrupt.

  • Miley not so circus

    Wow yah dude is a hipster and dressed super douche . Will be returning for refund

  • Turbosloth

    Yeah and Battlefield 1 has a chimp on the main screen too, plus a whole single player story about it. You can tell all these game developers thought Hillary was going to win.

    • Miley not so circus

      Lol lol lol , yep they are crying a river of liberal tears

  • Smootlik Sadowski

    The issue is not racism, but that most gamers are not black, and they want the characters they play with to be relatable to themselves. Nowadays virtually all video game makers are trying very hard to be PC, even making black heroes where none existed: look at Battlefield 1, where the initial hero is black…whereas less than 0.1% of soldiers who fought in WWI were black. That’s considerably less than one guy in one thousand!!! But they still made him the key hero.

    I am all for video game heroes to be representative of the population. But the makers are trying way to hard to appease the current PC drift in the media. I mean, come on…I bought four video games this year: FIFA 17, Watchdogs 2, GTA V (I know, it’s old, but I only got it now), and Battlefield 1. And every single game has a primary black hero, completely against the demographics.

  • Nozomu Ezomori

  • http://batman-news.org Mariano

    You are a Deep idiot. Racists? if the character was WHITE and black people say they don’t like it would you call them racists?

    Demagogy, this is making people don’t understand what racism is. If you don’t hate nor limit other people rights, then there is no racism, there is what some one likes and what not. Simple as that.

    There are many black characters and nobody said anything, everyone likes the black man in GTA V and some in other games.

    But anyone HAVE the right to not like some one or something including this character. I don’t like it because he is or looks gay and stupid. I don’t like that. I gave a crap about anyone saying any bullshit about this. Is my proble, i don’t like it, others do like this character, and i’m happy for them.


  • Lily Ferrari

    It’s not about being racist, are you retarded??
    It’s about being represented.
    Everybody prefers to play his/her own race, that’s all.

  • MarxistMangler

    Sales will suffer, but the cult of multicult puts agenda pushing above profits.

  • Tummus The Goat

    As a white male gamer, I love the Idea of Playing Marcus Holloway. It’s sad people actually have a problem with Black People. Now I may Joke about it and I say Nigger(Because before slavery it meant Ignorant People/Person, Which people need to learn their damn history correctly.) but I am far from “racist” Considering I believe in only ONE RACE, THE HUMAN RACE. The Media thinks we’re different and wants these silly pathetic Race wars. Luckily I know a Lot of black people who agree with me so say whatever your pathetic asses will but at least I’m not childish like You(If anyone has a problem with my opinion.).

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