PlayStation 4 Neo Specs Allegedly Leaked


Another day, another leak! PS4 Neo’s Specs has been leaked and it’s creating waves on the Internet. Let us find out what it reveals about PS4 Neo.

PS4 Neo will release in October 2016 or later this year. Neo games will be a lot more optimized and will receive a stable frame rate.


Here are the full specs of Neo:

PlayStation 4 Neo will have a Jaguar CPU with 8 cores running at 2.1 GHz. The GPU will feature 36 Compute Units running at 911 MHz for a 2.3X improvement in Teraflops, while the memory will still be 8GB GDDR5 though the bandwidth will be higher at 218 GB/s.

These specs are not confirmed yet.


However, PS4 Neo will not support 4K or 1440P according to the text files. Sony said there is not a vast difference between 1440P and 1080P, and they’re encouraging game creators to experiment with checkerboard rendering technique.

neo_leak_3 neo_leak_4 neo_leak_5

These slides look pretty reliable and I hope this rumor is true


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