Phil Spencer Says Microsoft Isn’t Done With Steam Yet

Phil Spencer Says Microsoft Isn’t Done With Steam Yet

Microsoft is pushing hard to make their app store a grand success but sometimes they are pushing too hard to the displeasure of gamers who wonder why we can’t all just learn to quit worrying and love Steam. But in an interview Microsoft boss, Phil Spencer said Microsoft is not done with steam yet.

“I look at Steam today, it’s on an incredible growth trajectory. It’s a massive force in gaming; a positive force. I think it will be bigger a year from now than it is today. And five years later it will still be bigger again,” Spencer said. “I look at Valve as an important [independent software vendor] for us on Windows. They are a critical part of gaming’s success on Windows. I don’t think Valve’s hurt by not having our first-party games in their store right now. They’re doing incredibly well. We will ship games on Steam again.” Microsoft boss said. xobvvu6dqwad1kzscwv9He said that their dream of making their online store have been pretty rough but he said that the company is working hard to make it a success. He also said that Steam is not suffering too much without Microsoft games. “I think they’re doing fine without Quantum Break in their store,” he added.

So good news for PC gamers because now all the Microsoft games will head to Steam.

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  • Crapgamer

    Not for nothing, but nowhere in this interview did he say “All our games will go to Steam”. I’d wager that games like Halo, Gears and anything cross-buy and cross-play will never go to Steam.

  • Windows Store EXE please

    I’d be 100% ok with Windows Store if they just give us the option of using a regular exe.

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