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  • No Confirmation That A Playstation 4 Was Used For Paris Attacks

    No Confirmation That A Playstation 4 Was Used For Paris Attacks0

    The death of innocents is always a global tragedy. Nobody can forget the extremist attacks on Beirut and Paris just last week. Following these attacks, a strong rumor arose in the internet that the attackers had used Sony’s Playstation 4 to communicate among themselves. It all originated from a Forbes article, that quoted: The hunt

  • Green Man Gaming Has Problems

    Green Man Gaming Has Problems0

    Green Man Gaming is a platform that’s popular for its comprehensive store and deals on popular games. But unfortunately, it seems like the website is entering controversial territory with some troubling facts being revealed. The issues began with sales of The Witcher 3; it came to light that GMG was not authorized to sell Witcher 3 keys, and seemed to

  • Why We Are Excited For Jessica Jones

    Why We Are Excited For Jessica Jones0

    For a lifelong Marvel Comics fan like me, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU for short) has been nothing short of a miraculous godsend. Ever since binge watching Daredevil, I had been waiting for the second Netflix series from Marvel. After a long wait, they have finally released the trailer of Marvel’s Jessica Jones. There is