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  • Xbox Boss Teases Project Scorpio’s Price

    Xbox Boss Teases Project Scorpio’s Price0

    There has been a lot of speculation on how much the Xbox Scorpio may cost; in that regard, Xbox boss, Phil Spencer said in a recent interview that the Scorpio is a “premium product” so don’t expect it to be cheap.   His exact words were: “When we designed both of these (Xbox One S and Project Scorpio)…we

  • A Beginner’s Take On WWE 2K17: Hands-On Preview

    A Beginner’s Take On WWE 2K17: Hands-On Preview0

    I got an invite to a 2K Games event (Thanks e-xpress/GTS!) where I’d get to play the next biggest game of the famous wrestling franchise, WWE 2K17. I rarely say no to covering events and this one was no different, but I hadn’t played a single 2K WWE game before. (PS2 Era WWE FTW) So I

  • Xbox One S beats PS4 Slim in First Week Sales

    Xbox One S beats PS4 Slim in First Week Sales1

    Sony has typically dominated Microsoft in the console market, but finally, Microsoft’s moment has come. According to recent sales records, the Xbox One S has slammed PS4 in first week sales, with the Xbox’s sales seeing an increase of 1000% week-over-week in the UK. The console ended the week with 71%  share of the market whereas Sony ended with 19%

  • Nvidia Might Launch GTX 1080 Ti by January 2017

    Nvidia Might Launch GTX 1080 Ti by January 20170

    Nvidia is known for some seriously heavy duty GPUs, and 2016 has seen them launch some awesome cards, including the GTX 1060, GTX 1070 and GTX 1080. However, it seems Nvidia has already started planning for 2017, with an expected launch of the GTX 1080 Ti by 2017. According to some experts, GTX 1080 Ti might provide

  • 7Review: Unbox

    Review: Unbox0

    How many of you guys like Mario? By which I don’t mean the age-old Super Mario Bros. you played on your fake NES. How many of you loved the 3-Dimensional Mario of the N64 and Gamecube era? Unbox is a lot like that. I remember playing Super Mario 64, and being wowed by a ‘level

  • Bring Back the Couch Co-Op

    Bring Back the Couch Co-Op0

    One of my fondest memories from my early days of gaming was of Hot Wheels: Micro Racers‘ split screen races. The controls were, admittedly, fairly cumbersome and my friends and I wrestled over the keyboard and mouse to find the perfect position, balancing the view of both the screen and the controller. Several fights ensued.