Overwatch Beta Had Over 9.7 Million Players and More Cool Stats

Overwatch Beta Had Over 9.7 Million Players and More Cool Stats

The Overwatch beta has been, by far, Blizzard’s most successful, clocking in over 9.7 million players on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One (beating several other games) in a beta period lasting just over a week. To celebrate this massive success, Blizzard released an infographic giving out a bunch of cool stats over at the Overwatch website, including:

    • Played for over 4.9 billions minutes. That’s about 9380 years. Seriously guys, how long’s it been since you saw the sun?


    • All those hours come to 37,623,607 individual matches played.


    • The most picked heroes were Soldier:76 (offense), Widowmaker (defense), Reinhardt (tank) and Mercy (support)


    • Players inflicted a total damage of 1,369,749,063,663 units. Yes, that’s over a trillion. You violent bastards. On the other hand, players were healed for 168,015,096,011 units, which is significantly less. Tsk tsk


    • Poor Mccree rolled around 5.7 million times a day. Guy must have some serious core strength.


    • 341 million heroes were commended, while 72 million enemies were commended. There’s that good ol’ sportsmanship.


    • Number of thank-yous from Blizzard? Infinite. Aw

That’s a lot of numbers. Given these, Overwatch seems on track to be an unprecedented success when it comes out on May 24th for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Stick around for more Overwatch juice in the lead-up to the release.

Prem Sylvester

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