Dota 2 Mod Let’s You Play The Game In 3rd Person


I never liked games which made you play in the Top Down Perspective and is perhaps one of the reasons why I don’t play some of the popular MOBAs. But I would like to give them a try if they supported a Third Person Perspective. Fortunately a modder who goes by the name of BMD has made a Dota 2 mod which turns it into a into a third-person game called Slayers of the Ancients and hence, has given me reason to finally come around to downloading the game that all my friends and their grandmothers seem to be raving on about.

Dota Description
The mod supports Capture the flag mode at the moment with support up-to 24 players. Currently it has three playable heroes, namely Sniper, Juggernaut, and Shadow Fiend, with each hero having different weapons, speeds, jumping characteristics, and movement skill.

Even though its not exactly perfect (as seen in the video posted above) since it’s a work in progress, DotA 2 players can still download the mod and give it a try right now through the Steam Workshop.

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