New Super Mario Mod is now available for Skyrim

New Super Mario Mod is now available for Skyrim

If you are a PC gamer and a Mario fan, we have some great news for you. The world of Skyrim is incomplete without modders, and one of these modders made a Super Mario mod for Skyrim.


Titled Super Skyrim Bros, this Mario inspired mod will include Goombas and Koopa Troopas, magic hammers and mushroom power-ups, and iconic bosses like Waluigi and Bowser. This mod is now available for the Skyrim Special Edition. The modder is a huge Mario fan, back in 2012, he decided to make a Mario-inspired mod for Skyrim.

This mod will create a sperate world where you can experience all the Mario goodness.

After installing, check your map for an abandoned house outside Winterhold. In that house, you need to sleep in a certain bed to access the mod.

To download Super Skyrim Bros, click here.





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