Mirror Edge Catalyst Review Round Up

Mirror Edge Catalyst Review Round Up

Mirror Edge Catalyst is the latest Action-Adventure game developed by Electronic Arts, released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One in June 2016. It is a reboot of 2008’s Mirror’s Edge and revolves around protagonist Faith’s origin and her endeavor to overthrow a totalitarian conglomerate of corporations who rule the city of Glass. We believed that it would be a beneficial idea to call for a closer look at everything that the reviews have to say. Let’s take a look at a few of them

2885761-me+catalyst_screen3IGN– Rating 6.8/10

“Speed and momentum are encouraged by the game design, in that Faith have both a health meter and a “shield” of sorts that’s fueled by her continuous movement. This makes it difficult for weapon-wielding enemies to hit her, and when you can dash around an area keeping your shield up, you can scan your environment relative to each bad guy’s location and plot each one’s own unique, aggressive takedown: a chest-kick from above, a wall run-fueled kick to the side of the head, etc. Slow down or stop, however, and you’ll be more vulnerable to the attacks – both melee and ranged – of K-Sec guards.”

GameRadar– 3/5

“After only a few hours in I found myself thinking, is this too much running? Obviously, you could argue that a game about free-running should probably have plenty of it, but here it’s the only voice you have in the world. You run to reach a mission that involves running and then run away when it’s over. When I mentioned this to a friend they pointed out that all you really do in a shooter is shoot, which is similar but not strictly true. There’s a pace that can vary even when all you have is a trigger. Sometimes you shoot a lot, sometimes not so much. Sometimes you shoot different guns. In Catalyst, you run. Over things, under things, along things, but the pace never changes. ”

PC Gamer– 78/100

“For those who loved the free-running in the first Mirror’s Edge, that all returns as you remember it, more or less. While acquiring Faith’s full move set from the first game takes about an hour to unlock within the game’s new tech tree, this’ll give your muscle memory time to readjust to how fast Mirror’s Edge is. It’s been almost eight years, after all. Running up walls, sliding under pipes and performing saving rolls from great heights still requires precise timing and sharp instincts—this is exactly what I loved about the first Mirror’s Edge, and it’s all intact.”

rendition1.imgGameSpot– 7/10

“Yes, certain portions of the game are deeply unimpressive, but I rarely (if ever) found them frustrating, painful, or unavoidable, which allowed me to overlook those elements and enjoy the unique pleasures Catalyst provides. I was consistently wowed by the movement and everything that comes with it, so while it’s a disappointing action game, it works wonderfully as a platformer, puzzler, and racing game. And for that reason, I can’t wait to keep playing.”

Polygon– 8/10

“This isn’t new; it was all in place in Mirror’s Edge (the first), but it is considerably refined here, and lots of small details make Faith feel more rooted in her environment. My favorite is rocketing across gaps, and, just before making a life-saving roll upon impact, seeing my shadow cast on the ground, growing larger. Largely due to much-improved tech, Faith is reflected in much of the world as she reacts to it. These visual cues signal a grace that serves as a stronger glue, this time, around, and more effectively made me feel like I was doing all of the amazing shit that Catalyst encourages you to do.”

Shack News– 8/10

“Of course, Mirror’s Edge isn’t about the story, it’s about the immersion: the thrill of running, free, across the glass paved rooftops of a massive city. And that’s okay, because that’s exactly what the original Mirror’s Edge was. DICE may have failed to address all of the problems of its predecessor, but it completely re-captured what Mirror’s Edge was all about. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a great way to bring new fans–and old fans alike–back into the world of Faith Connors. Now, I can only hope that we don’t have to wait another eight years to see Faith again.”


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