With the Xbox One S, it’s Clear that Microsoft has Lost Faith in Kinect

With the Xbox One S, it’s Clear that Microsoft has Lost Faith in Kinect

At E3, Microsoft revealed a new member of the Xbox One Family, Xbox One S. Xbox One S is slimmer and sleeker than the current model, and it will be capable of watching Blu-ray movies and streaming video in stunning 4K Ultra HD video.

Xbox One S has loads of new characteristics, but there is something which it will not have: a Kinect port.Xbox-One-SThis shows that Microsoft has lost faith in Kinect and justifiably so, since Microsoft failed to render a compelling Kinect experience. Kinect clearly had so much potential, but that potential has hit a brick wall.

When Xbox One was first released Kinect was almost a mandatory peripheral, but it soon became an optional device. After taking in everything in E3,  I think the Xbox One S will have a brilliant future, but it’s clear that Kinect’s future is dark and it will not improve unless Microsoft starts making games which will provide a compelling gaming experience using the platform. You can, however,  still use the Kinect with an adapter on the Xbox One S.



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  • Mario Martinez

    Remember to tell the audience that the adapter will be free as per Microsoft if they already have a kinect and x1

  • KashIsKlay

    I never cared for the kinect. I remember the original stage demo when it was called project natal. It never lived up to the potential. It also ruined several games.

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