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Chauffeur Simulator Coming Soon

Chauffeur Simulator Coming Soon


Angelo July 11th,2014

Imagine playing an open-world game while driving a limousine that can spin clockwise and counter clockwise while creating chaos in the world.

Roundabout is a driving puzzle game that is being developed by No Goblin Studios and will be available for Linux, Mac and Windows on September 18th. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version will be released early 2015.


In Roundabout, you will be playing as Georgio, where it’s your job to pick up and drop people to their destination while avoiding trying to kill people, if that’s even possible. You can also hunt for collectibles through the streets. One thing is for sure: You’d better buckle up and enjoy the only chauffeur… with a twist.


Michael Collins

Michael has been playing video games for quite a long time. He likes to keep up with the latest games and hardware that pushes graphics to the limit. He is also a professional animator.


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