Over 1 Million Copies Of DayZ Sold Within 4 Weeks! 0

Over a million copies of DayZ have been sold worldwide, that too within 4 weeks of it’s Early Access release on Steam. The news has been confirmed by creator Dean Hall via his personal Twitter account.

In case you aren’t aware, DayZ is a standalone game that has been inspired from a mod for a game called Arma 2, which came out in 2012. The game apparently sold 172,500 copies within its first 24 hours according to the CEO of Bohemia Interactive, Marek Spanel. Hall told Polygon, that the milestone is a “Shots fired moment” against traditional publishing models.

The news of this milestone comes soon after we hear about this little game that I absolutely adore called, Starbound, which has also sold over a million copies without investing massively on marketing.

Earlier this month, it was revealed by Bohemia Interactive, the developers of the game, that the game isn’t supposed to reach Beta stage till late 2014 and that their key focus right now is to stabilize the game’s build and start delivering their promises to the players.

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