Hackers Attack Gaming Sites: Take Down Battle.net, League and More
Hackers Attack Gaming Sites: Take Down Battle.net, EA.com, League of Legends ‘For The Lulz’

Hackers Attack Gaming Sites: Take Down Battle.net, EA.com, League of Legends ‘For The Lulz’


By Adriana Eternity Hazra December 31st,2013

So I was just about to go to sleep when suddenly I came upon news that a group of hackers, DERP, has launched DDoS attacks on Battle.net and League of Legends, bringing down the games for a while, yesterday.

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The homepage of EA.com was also brought down for a little while.

Apparently, the attacks on these sites have been surrounding one particular user, PhantomL0rd, going at the games that he usually streams on Twitch. He claims that he has no involvement with this group whatsoever.


It’s pretty clear from that screenshot that they don’t really have a definite reason for their actions and are apparently doing it “for the lulz” and to bring down money hungry companies like EA. Wonder why they aren’t attacking corrupt government officials instead if they really wanted to do some good work. I mean, why would hackers attack gaming sites?

And as I write this, Reddit seems to have gone down as well. However, I don’t think Derp crashed Reddit (Since they haven’t taken responsibility), and it’s probably the sheer amount of traffic it’s getting currently that brought it down at the moment.

Currently PhantomL0rd’s Twitch channel seems to have gone crazy, with 140,000 viewers currently on his channel even though he’s not streaming anything. And the cops seem to have arrived at his home at the moment as well.

We’ll try our best to keep you updated on what’s going.

[Update #1]

They didn’t even leave Club Penguin alone….. Monsters.

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