Hitman to be broken into episodes


Episodic gaming has been gaining quiet the popularity among developer these days with great games like Life is Strange and the soon to be re-released Final Fantasy VII coming out in small parts. However previously it was restricted to smaller narrative driven games like Bioshock: Burial at Sea, the Resident Evil: Revelations series and most of the Telltale games. Hitman on the other hand, might be the first AAA game to adopt the episodic format as announced by the games publishers Square Enix.

Gamers knew something was up when pre-orders for the game on PS4 were cancelled out of the blue by the developers IO Interactive, who stated that they were ‘adjusting things’. With yesterday’s announcement the confusion was cleared and we got to see the clear picture. The initial March 11th release will come with the prologue and the first episode set in Paris, the latter episodes set in Italy and Morocco will be released in April and May respectively. The developers promise monthly content updates throughout 2016 and in addition three new locations- Thailand, America, and Japan.

The pricing also sees a change. Previously we had to pay $34.99 for the base game and an additional $29.99 for the season pass. Now players will have to buy the Intro Pack for $15 while the subsequent episodes will be priced at $10 each. Players who don’t like the idea of paying in installments can buy the whole pack for $59.99, and the collectors out there can get a physical copy shipped to them by the end of 2016.

Are you happy with the decision or disappointed? Let us know in the comments below.

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