GTX 1060 Benchmarks for 15 Games Out; Compared With Radeon RX 480, GeForce 980 & 970

GTX 1060 Benchmarks for 15 Games Out; Compared With Radeon RX 480, GeForce 980 & 970

The GTX 1060 is the spiritual successor to the GeForce GTX 960 but according to Nvidia, it will outperform even the GeForce GTX 980. This test provides some proof of that, and gives us a detailed comparison between GTX 1060,Radeon RX 480, Geforce 980 & 970.

In terms of specifications of GTX 106o uses Pascal GP106 silicon features 1280 CUDA Cores that reaches a Turbo frequency of 1709 MHz with 6GB of GDDR5 @ 8.00 GHz memory fed by a PCI-Express 6 – pin connector and a TDP of 120W.

Here are the benchmarks of all 16 games:

This clearly shows that the GTX 980 performs best among all these GPUs. Hence, right away we can say that the GTX 1060 will not outperform GTX 980 – and surprisingly sometimes – the RX 480 also outperformed the GTX 1060 so it’s not looking too good for NVIDIA. 



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  • nismo370z

    poor amd

  • Miguel Azevedo

    Whats the test machine specs?You also need to know that both Nvidia and AMD are not using drivers on the 1060 and RX 480 that take the best performance out of the released games.Going forward you will see the new games taking even better performance of this new cards when compared with the old ones due to new drives that take benefits of this new cards hardware features.I also dont understand your take on Nvidia this chart show that Nvidia is pulling better than AMD at the moment …


    it either equals the 980 or beats/loses by 1-3 frames …but at a THIRD of the cost….yea lol not looking good for who now….

    • Hvd

      its crap just like the 960 was…lol

  • Hvd

    the 960 was crap and so this will be as well and lol at those specs.

    here is an good review of the rx 480 vs 970 ssc an honest review no set ups like i hav seen

    and you guys think thhe 1060 will stand a chance?…lol

    gtx 1060// rx 480

    4.4 TFLOPs/ 5.5 TFLOPs winner amd

    6gb vram/ 4/8gb vram winner amd

    192-bit/ 256-bit winner amd

    1280 cores/ 2304 stream processors winner amd

    1700 boost clock/ 1266 boost clock winner nvidia but u can over clock rx 480 to 1600

    async compute for dx12 no/async compute for dx12 yes winner amd

    winner rx 480 this gtx 1060 is crap like the 960 but the bias media will spin its better and put out fake benchmarks.

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