Goldeneye Level Gets a New Look


Master Spy James Bond not only ruled the silver screen but also made quite an impression on the gaming industry back in the 90s. Several games have been released featuring 007 and were mostly well received by the gamers as well as critics.

Out of the most remembered among them is the 1997’s  Goldeneye 007, developed by Rare and Published by Nintendo. The game set a standard for all action games to follow and also is considered as one of the top action games of all time by many. Despite it’s popularity, the recent years have not seen a James Bond video game, which drove fan Jude Wilson to rebuild a certain level from the 90’s  Goldeneye 007 for the recent generation of consoles with the help of the Unreal Engine 4 Game Engine.


We have taken a look at the level and it looks simply awesome and which obviously should raise the question among all the James Bond fans that who is in charge of the series and why it isn’t getting rebooted or continued. After taking a look at this many people would really love to have a new James Bond title.

This remake also can’t stop us from imagining that what will it be like too see super hit titles from back in the  20th century like Super Mario 64, Metroid Fusion and others in the latest graphics. It is really exciting if we get to see those games in a new look. This really makes us nostalgic and we hope to see these titles, which made our childhood, being reborn with new features and latest graphics.

Source: Smosh.

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