FIFA 17 Story Mode Trailer Released

FIFA 17 Story Mode Trailer Released

A FIFA 17 story mode trailer called “The Journey” has surfaced prior to the EA Play event which shows off a cool but believable story mode. It focuses on a fictional footballer named Alex Hunter as he makes his EPL debut and the drama that surrounds it such as dealing with agents, fans, and the fame that comes with being a rising star. The trailer says that he had a wide range of team offers, but Manchester United is the team he chose, and shows faces of managers, agents, mentors and trainers, which means EA has put a lot of work in this title. While starting in a top tier club isn’t exactly a journey, the actual game-play will hopefully give us more insight.

Here’s the trailer:

The inclusion of such a mode is new to football games; it certainly will add to the interest for FIFA 17, but whether it can provide an engaging experience and add to the core game remains to be seen.

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